Seating on Buddha’s Heart

Seating on Buddha's Heart
Seating On Buddha’s Heart by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2013

I set out to transform

To leave a role behind

I was tired on atoning

For sins I did not see

I wanted to love and be loved

Just the way that I was

With all my obscurations

With all the sins I could not see

I cried and cried

Until I just dried out

I looked in the mirror

And knew this was the end

The mirror invited me to dance

I stepped forward and I played

Then I could see that in the glass

The only one was me

I saw my obscurations

And even saw my sins

I saw my mind and knew

It was playing dirty tricks

I wanted to love as a mother would

I wanted to be loved as a mother could

I wanted love as a child would

I wanted to be loved as a child could

Along I found some folks

And saw that there was love

I asked if I was worthy

Of stopping in this place

A gentle soul said why not

I replied that I had sinned

A figure from behind

Whispered words in disbelief

Do you not know sins, I asked

They pressed me to explain

I said I only knew results

No love, no joy and sadness all the time

Mount Vesuvius has erupted!

A bright light arose to laughter

Random stars sparked everywhere

A rainbow landed on my hand

What is that, I said

Pure love the man replied

The Buddha’s heart that is within

The simple joys of being alive

Again I asked if I was worthy

Of being in such a state

Was this not an obscuration

When I surely awoke

Suit yourself the figure said

You are sitting on the heart

In the silence I observed

That I was moving with its beat

Only then I simply knew

As I am about to say

That the light had touched me too

And I was ready to transform

The piece and the poem portray the conflicted life we lead and the events and circumstances we attract in our present reality when we forget that we are born perfect and that all experiences are simply part of our life path, for we are here to learn and grow.

When we forgive ourselves for feeling guilty (an emotion fixed during a past event) and stop secretly chastising ourselves for situations and relationships that we cannot change now (self-sabotaging thoughts), express sincere regret for how we then understood the possibility of a different outcome, and realize how powerless we each felt, over the events in the past (forgiveness of ourselves and the other); we are able to release the cloud under which we live and transform the debilitating emotions into powerful growth (moving from feeling worthless to understanding our power and worth).

We all are divine beings having human experiences, and much growth occurs within the painful ones.  The a small 8″ x 10″ image filled with light, soft pinks and bright greens is beautifully matted to a 12″ x 16″ size ready to be framed. Contemplating this piece encourages us to abide in unconditional love. It reminds us that we are always in the Buddha’s heart; and that our life and experiences matter. Seating in the Buddha’s Heart encourages us to realize that everyone is on a personal quest to happiness, albeit vastly different from our own.  We are all Buddhas with equal access to healing and empowerment on our own time and place. Click on Seating on Buddha’s Heart to purchase this gem!

Have a great week!


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