As Above Not So Below

As Above Not So Below by Lidia Kenig Scher

How many times you thought you were so close, you could almost touch Divinity itself? You were meditating; you contemplated your life and felt utter peace and contentment. All is right, you thought…and there was the problem!

Your mind took over and you told yourself all kinds of scenarios. One of them was that yes, you had reached enlightenment and now wanted for nothing, your life was flowing smoothly, opinions of others did not matter, along with the “reality” these portrayed…Now you were fully present with everything and everybody.

Then you got up from the cushion and poof! The connection was broken. You had to pay the rent, put food on the table, get on with that job, clean the house, do the laundry, study the great religions, do you sit ups…and doubts crept in. Now you told yourself that you were imagining the state of bliss and you better be real.

All the while Existence was screaming “You are real and we are real, and there is no you-and-Spirit. It is within you. We exist inside of you. We cannot do this without you, nor can you do without us. We are formless and so are you. We are eternal, breathing and breathless, and so are you. We are omniscient and so are you. We are you and so are we”

Now your doubts are even greater. When people ask if you hear voices, you say no! And Spirit continues to send light filled Love to tell you that the divide you experience does not exist. The barrier is an ephemeral thought. Existence asks that you open your heart to the truth of who you are; consciousness itself, pure awareness and always evolving. Meditation is training for life, and when you live what you learned in the cushion, you start truly living life as Above then, so it will be Below.

Time to do your job and bring Heaven to Earth now! This mixed media with acrylic on cradled wood is 18” x 24” x 2”. It is ready to hang and help you hear your light, and trust the voice of Spirit-Within: It is the only real and true one! Click on As Above Not So Below to purchase this very special painting. You will be glad you did!!!

Have an awesome week.


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