Brownies Anyone?

brownies Anyone by Lidia Kenig Scher
Brownies Anyone? by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

Ahhh…chocolate…Is it an aphrodisiac? The Marquis de Sade, the inspiration for the term “sadistic,” had his wife send him chocolate while he was in prison. He was also rumored to have thrown hedonistic parties where he served guests chocolate laced with cantharsis , a Spanish fly also believed to induce lust.

Montezuma, the last of the Aztec rulers supposedly drank fifty cups of chocolate a day. And as if that weren’t enough, he downed an additional cup to increase his stamina before consorting with his female companions.

My friend Mark loves chocolate. He REALLY loves chocolate and to everyone’s delight, he often makes dense and scrumptious brownies he brings to many celebrations. If you could see people tasting Mark’s brownies, you will affirm cacao’s sex appeal. Cacao is the bean from where chocolate originates. I asked my friend to describe his culinary process while I visualized a painting I would create to portray the event. And here it is!

I felt inspired by the sensuality pouring out as Mark stated that it all begins with selecting the perfect chocolate and inhaling its intense aroma. Then he tastes it, swearing that just a bit of great chocolate becomes a sublime experience…” But when I make my brownies”, he added, “it comes close to paroxysm.”

“I like the hot and the cold coming together. I enjoy the warm softness as it melts and covers the hard walnuts. It is exciting to crush walnuts and feeling their rough texture on my hands as I blend it all with sugar. I treasure the slight resistance of the butter yielding to the deep brown vanilla extract.” What about the baking part? I ask. “Pure love as I patiently await the end of the oven cycle. “

“You know that it is complete when the wafting sweet smell causes your whole body to smile broadly. The intensity increases as you cut the finished product into bite-sized morsels. You salivate and breathe hard with the expectation of the taste filling your mouth. Can’t wait to gorge on it, yet I wait, I am patient. It is after all, dessert at the end of the meal!” Sadistic, I say. A true aphrodisiac, Mark retorts!

Brownies Anyone? Is my pictorial representation of Mark’s baking. The original and limited edition embellished giclees are available for your immediate pleasure and are ready to hang without needing frame. Click on Chocolate Now to view up close, salivate, smile and purchase it before the holiday rush!

Have a great week!


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