By Facing Attachment and Releasing It We Get What We Truly Want

Facing Attachment and Releasing by Lidia Kenig
Facing Attachment and Releasing by Lidia Kenig

This mixed media acrylic on canvas with glass beads, sequins & foil ribbon, depicts the feeling of relief we feel when we discover that by craving the perfect mate who will make us whole;  fixing on an object as a goal such as a new car, a bigger house, a gorgeous piece of jewelry; or stubbornly desiring a certain job or career above anything else, simply captures our mind processes and leaves no room for what we really desire to unfold.

When we get stuck on a thought, or fiercely focus on any life situation, we may begin by questioning who wants what ever we must have and why we want it so badly. Are we really voicing what rises from the heart or are we allowing the ego to compare where we are in life in relation to peers, movie stars or advertising?  We may consider remaining equanimous while we observe ego as it broadcasts the virtues of clinging to the particular attachment.

If we get really quiet and listen as if it was someone else wanting, and stay fully present with the desire, we may notice that there is something deeper we have not considered beneath whatever we so desperately desire. The wanting is actually keeping us from true happiness.

When we contemplate whether we could keep the lover, the job, the house, the money or the car at the end of our lives, we see that we cannot. We begin to see that nothing is permanent, nor solid, or independent of anything else. Facing our attachment,  we discover that wanting “it”, is actually a reflection of an inner fear of not been worthy of love, affection, or recognition. If we allow ourselves to release the object of our admiration, we also release the secret fear that we don’t deserve it and stop the self-sabotage that accompanies what materializes as the cravings.

When we release the tangible object of our desire and focus instead on our virtues, our beauty, on what we bring to any situation or person, and hear our hearts confirming that we are more than enough and thus are lovable, we become light. When we can celebrate our amazing path as human life learners on a long and fruitful journey; we express joy and thus get what we truly need. When we feel deep love and appreciation for everyone and everything, including us; we can be in a good job, enjoy a great career, relate with kindred spirits with whom we are mutually loving and supporting, and above all, we get the real jewels of success: the peace and wonderment of a life well-lived. That shroud we can certainly wear when we depart.

Click on Facing Attachment and Releasing to purchase blessed limited edition giclee reproductions. The original is owned by someone who is now enjoying the benefits of letting go. You too can experience the freedom of releasing.

Have a great week and chime in with your comments. Surely you have experienced and dealt with attachments, no?



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