Essential Uncertainty

Essential Uncertainty (c) by Lidia Kenig Scher
Essential Uncertainty (c) by Lidia Kenig Scher

“The essential man is not a doer, is not separate form the whole, and there is no need to seek and search a personal destiny”, said Osho

The Indian teacher was talking about our inability to accept the ever-changing nature of our world and instead, stubbornly set goals, create artificial scenarios whereby we will attain happiness upon achievement, then stress about fulfilling our personal aims as if they were crucial to our existence. While we plot and we neatly plan our lives, we make believe that there is a certainty to it all and that other people and circumstances will not interfere or do not exist.

This mixed media on canvas allows us to contemplate and accept uncertainty and abide in joy when we are able to cease doing, rushing, plotting, and denying our connection to the greater Universe and all phenomena. The painting invites you to just be, live by your truth and accept that while you are unique, you are not special, yet can be essential.

Click on Essential Uncertainty and relax. Plan but don’t plot, see yourself as part of the web of life, follow your heart, walk your truth and look at everything and everyone you meet as part of the movie you are living in the here and now. Then you can be as Osho calls it an “essential man” and woman 🙂


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