The Clear Eyes of Wisdom

The Clear Eyes of Wisdom by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)
The Clear Eyes of Wisdom by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

All that we need to be happy, joyous and abundant is already here within our reach. In fact, it is closer than we think. Yet, many of us do not believe it. We think that we have to plot, plan, cajole, entice, acquire, or strive. We are pretty sure that someone else knows more than we do how to…whatever! This attitude makes life a constant struggle to master what we perceive that others do better. We are even counseled to model someone we admire, so we sign up for another class, another teacher, another webinar to give us the power we don’t yet know we have.

I too was struggling with not knowing enough, not having enough, and thought I could get it outside myself. The more I studied the scriptures, read the work of the great spiritual masters, and attended lectures, the more overwhelmed I became. I wanted to put systems in place that would help me achieve who or what I decided to model. What I missed is that what I wanted to model was a matter of remembering who I really was and opening my eyes to it.

One day when I was meditating on my misery and my lack, I asked for guidance and was pretty sure I would get an answer by entering the art studio. Within those four walls, there exists a different domain. What comes out of that domain is nothing short of miraculous to me. My hands are painting, or gluing, or splattering. I know that I mix colors and add findings and textures, but I also know that in that space all talking ceases. There is no thinking, nor judging. Moreover, when I am painting, I sense that in all my actions I am guided by an invisible yet powerful force that I learned to trust. And on that day, what came out was a biblical quote by Matthew on 13:12; “For to the one who has, more will be given, and he will have an abundance, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.

I remember feverishly writing the quote all over the large canvas. I vaguely recall cutting spirals of embossed paper, and relishing the blues and greens that became the ground for the piece. I smeared thick white acrylic paint and embedded glass pieces in it. A ruby like square caught my eye and got stuck in the middle of a swirl of glitter paint. Swaths of silver were dragged around, enveloping the shapes, and then…I stopped; I was exhausted. With the canvas now laid flat on a table top I went to sleep.

After a long dreamless nap, I sat in front of this 30” x 40” piece and realized its simple yet profound message. “Open your eyes and rejoice in the gifts you already have-you cannot give what you lack. Now that you know what you have, share your wealth for all to shimmer and shine.” Looking at what I had co-created, and I really mean co-created, there was not argument. But this revelation also served to assert my deep connection to a greater power able to tap into a dimension heretofore unknown to me, save when I am painting. If I apply the same principles that rule the art studio, then I plug into this infinite knowledge that we all have, by virtue of who we are and feel immensely wealthy; unqualifiedly powerful. I also understood that by painting and writing about it I could let others know the truth of who they also are. “Through art is how I serve” became my motto.

The Clear Eyes of Wisdom is a multi-media on canvas painting inviting us to reflect on our innate spiritual nature, and our ability to intimately connect to Source. When we act as Spirit, we are wise. When we think as the Universe, we are magnanimous.  When we think of benefiting the many, we activate our generous heart and open wide the clear eyes of wisdom. Looking thus, we are one with God and that is what we model. Looking with the clear eyes of wisdom we see that we are abundantly powerful and enriched!

You can purchase the piece by clicking on Spiritual Art Gallery and you too will have the chance to feel rich and powerful and try on wearing The Clear Eyes of Wisdom!


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