It’s Raining Fire

It's Raining Fire by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)
It’s Raining Fire by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

A calm Spring morning suddenly turns as the bright blue sky erupts when a torrent of fire balls seemingly out of nowhere, portend a dramatic turn in the weather. No even the cool waters below can contain the heat, and in fact, the water takes on both the color and the power of the fire. It looks like the water is actually on fire!

The painting is really portraying the dramatic turn of events in one’s life, when we fall out of integrity with our life purpose. Situations we encounter and people we interact with, mirror exactly what we so neatly try to hide; the inner fire raging within when we, in order to fit in, or because we feel powerless, or fearful, engage in activities that no longer fit who we are, convincing ourselves that it is OK, that what we are doing is temporary, designed to save some money, or because what we really love to do is taking longer to fully develop.

Like in this painting, not even a lake can cool the heat. The difficulties we encounter cannot be pushed aside or justified by blaming;  nor are they a punishment for our incorrect perceptions. Instead, these are clear signs that better situations lie ahead when we can surrender the old ideas and habits, forgive ourselves for our lack of courage, and re-establish our connection to the Spirit Within Us. This is the voice of our heart encouraging us to resolve to heal our wounds and re-take our power to create the life we want. The fire dies down and like the legendary phoenix, we are reborn from the ashes to trust that we can co-create with Spirit;  that we are never truly alone and that we can turn over to spirit the timing and the way in which what we want manifests.

I encourage you to click on Raining Fire, to see a close up image, and appraise its brilliance and texture. You can also purchase the original to help you stay focused on your truth. It is well priced, it will easily fit anywhere and energetically charge the space with the blessings of beneficial change.

Have a great week and let me know how you are doing following your truth!


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