The Journey

The Journey by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Journey by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

When you approach this small mixed media painting on canvas, you see paper cut-outs mimicking a music sheet on a puffy red and pink background framed by dark gray-black splotches. You could imagine it as a poster for some musical and you could be right. The glittery “notes” form sinuous waves that every so often break into spirals with a red circle at their centers. Some circles appear to move toward others, creating their own rhythm. Sometimes they connect with other spirals and at other times they float about directionless. When you read the title-The Journey, you may anticipate a fun play about travels to an exciting destination and, you may be right. Under careful scrutiny, you may even be very familiar with this journey!

I recognized the theme as I carefully cut each glittery set of lines and patiently waited for the glue to set. Each row became distinct, but the movements shared a similarity broken, every so often by a new shape that appeared and wrapped around the old one, creating new rhythms. I began to see the painting as a metaphor for my life journey.

When I embrace the beauty and the perfection of its unfolding, my life appears as an amazingly orchestrated score. As the red circles got painted on, I noticed that they sport their own personality and seem to come from nowhere, create a new stanza and eventually become integrated, as if this was always part of the score. So it is with life situations we encounter that also seem to come from nowhere and we need time for these events to set, or be integrated into the rhythms of whatever is occurring in our particular present, along with our commitments, our intentions and our desires.

As I was working, or I can say living my life?, I recognized different patterns but I did not see that they were actually harmonious. Just as in my life story, I diligently worked at cutting and glueing one piece at a time, and always looking to how each would affect the whole, yet by the time the paper strips were placed some landed in a slightly different place, spawning new patterns. I saw that the patterns created a very meaningful chorus.

At times the new ideas got me excited and at other times emotions got involved and created conflict, Eventually it all made sense and I moved into another life cycle. i never considered how my intentions played a part in the score that I created. The red circles showed me how what I say I want and the concepts and stories that keep playing in the background make all the difference in the quality of the play.

Instinctively I knew where I was headed. I wanted the red dots to interact both with the background and with the paper strips. I chose red ink, but the different absorbency of the materials created a control issue. I decided to surround the dots with silver edges and tried enamel inside the circles. The color and texture made the dots look as if they came out of the background. The pattern that emerged was now playing in perfect harmony with the composition.

The enamel needed to set overnight and offered me a perspective I did not have before. My intentions were clear, and the perceived set-backs turned out to be what was needed to manifest my intention to create a painting that reflected how I see The Journey of my life.

I decided to coat the entire piece with a glass-like gel that seals and brightens the colors and textures. I understood the power and beauty of my journey and appreciated the perfection of every incident, event, and people that appeared as if from nowhere, to derail me, frustrate me or delight me. They were and are all instrumental in creating the most amazing score for me to play in.

Won’t you look at your life as the exciting play you orchestrated? The art is available for purchase and ready to help you empower your story with hope and joy after all; you direct the play! Click on The Journey now!

Have a great week, and keep the comments coming!!!


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