The Shaman’s Jewels

The Shaman's Jewels by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Shaman’s Jewels (c) by Lidia Kenig Scher

An incredibly bright sunrise illuminates the path of the Shaman as she runs up the mountain. Her cape is fully open and emblazoned with precious jewels, symbolizing that she has precious wisdom to share with the people who await her. She is a wise mystic, who after a dark night of the soul has come through aided by the intense fire of inquiry to greet the sun and exchange pure light with Spirit. As a teacher, she is able to ground this light on to the earth and help it to spread in order to invite others to heal and grow. For as she distributes her jewels to the crowd, each one transforms into the crystal that each life student will need to grow and like her, walk in integrity with her purpose.

The 30” x 30” mixed media on canvas is the representation of a shamanic journey I undertook seeking guidance on how to move forward on the next adventure in my life’s path. During the journey, I was invited to dance and sing and then easily fall into the peace and joy of silence and total presence. As I had started the top of the painting prior to journeying, I asked my guides to show me what was below the sunrise. The path to Sacred Mountain appeared ahead, and the majestic Eagle who had guided me thus far, placed on my shoulders a gorgeous bejeweled cape topped with his feathers. I understood that I had earned the right to come to this mountain by being grateful for all I had learned and by honoring my gifts and talents. It was time to share the love, the singing and the dancing of my life with those who are simply waiting with their open hearts.

I understood that teaching is the path I am guided to follow when a beautiful wolf appeared carrying a bag to help me spread the jewels to the crowd, and witness their transformation into brushes, or pens or books, or music sheets, or ballet shoes, and on and on. In Native American folklore the Wolf is the symbol for the teacher. I knew exactly how to finish the painting and I knew what I needed to do next.
The next morning I completed the cape of the Shaman and her Jewels and crowned the glorious and fiery hair with silvery mica pieces to indicate that the connection to Spirit was complete and that the guidance would be heeded; the Eagle is the connection to Spirit.

The painting is available to guide you on your journey to Sacred Mountain and help you open your hearts to receive whatever jewel you need to begin the new adventure in your personal journey. The original and very well priced blessed reproductions are available now by clicking on The Shaman’s Jewels. Maybe your mother can appreciate the beauty and power of the painting?

Have an awesome week. I love to read your comments and experiences in discovering how to get on to your next life adventure!


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