Sky Meditation with Open Eyes

Sky Meditation With Open Eyes by Lidia Kenig Scher
Sky Meditation With Open Eyes by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

A few summers ago I sojourned to Block island, Rhode Island, a bucolic heaven devoid of cars and filled instead with flora, fauna and sand. That September, the weather was simply spectacular. All I carried out of the ferry was a small suitcase and my little pink valise, filled to the brim with watercolors, brushes,paper and some choice little beads…I could not leave the glitter behind!

My room at the inn provided me with a comfortable one bedroom suite and a large south-facing deck that cantilevered over a mystical swamp, teeming with colorful birds and exotic plant life. At sunrise on the second day, a pair of white-tailed hawks visited me while enjoying my matcha tea prior to meditating. As soon as I closed my eyes, the magnificent birds pierced the silence with their caws, a mixture between a phishhh and a whistle, while gliding around the roof in ever-widening circles.

One the third day the larger hawk seemed to be playing a curious game of hide-and-seek. He would swoop down so close I thought he would grab the tea cup and just as quickly he would disappear behind a cloud, or fly so high I could no longer see him. I followed each one of his moves, and kept watch even when I could no longer discern his awesome wingspan. Suddenly he would appear behind me, land on the peak of the roof and lock his sharp eyes on my gaze until the sun fully rose over the horizon.

He repeated the same routine for three days in a row. On the following day, he performed the usual circle dance and flew up high, only this time he did not come back. I kept looking and trying to see beyond the blues. Scaling the cyans, I climbed behind the magentas, then dipped into the purples and began to feel the wind propelling huge white puffy swirls surrounded by tiny pink stars. I saw planets and galaxies that were far, far away, and then…as if mirroring the sun, spiraling golden crystals revealed themselves turning on the clearest cobalt blue I have ever seen. Then, the swamp below me released thousands of butterflies gently flying to the exact rhythms of my beating heart.

I never experienced such sense of freedom. Somehow I could fly like a bird and see beyond what I was accustomed to, just by fearlessly opening my eyes and willing to swoop beyond the rainbow. On that day I discovered that skies upon skies were available to me. Enveloped in this joy I lay quietly and joyously on the mat, feeling my inner sky merging with the open skies above and beating in unison. Just then, I noticed the pair of hawks perched on the peak of the roof. Both their eyes locked on my gaze.

I thanked the birds for showing me that by opening my eyes to the openness available to me out there, I was able to see the openness that is already within myself and matching that of the sky. On that day I learned to look within and feel my inner sky.  I went inside and created Sky Meditation with Open Eyes. I invite you to click on it to see the original. It comes beautifully framed and ready to hang and…willing to help you meditate with OPEN EYES. You will also find various-sized museum quality blessed prints. Practice the meditation and let me know what you think.

Have a beautiful week!


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