I Finished the House, Got Engaged, I will Be Married and…I Sold the House!

Cullen Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
Cullen Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher

The gentleman who commissioned this door protector requested a Feng Shui analysis of the home he was remodeling with the intention to sell it after construction was completed. Upon visiting, I saw that the house’s position on the lot was problematic. While the lot was lush and inviting, the front door was facing the back of the property, and it was not in good working condition; it did not even have a working doorbell! This situation would indicate that the people living there have difficulties getting ahead, miss opportunities in life and career, tend to feel anxious, insecure and fearful, function like they are always on-the-run, may have issues with guilt and anger and experience a host of health concerns around digestion and nutrient absorption. He admitted experiencing some of the issues I mentioned that were compounded by the construction and remodeling process. I suggested a door protector.

I felt that the blessed original art may be quite useful at least during the construction part and later, it may take care of the many other non-supportive energy issues. Because my client and his kids used the side door exclusively, he requested that we place the art on the side entrance, only accessible through an enclosed porch…more entry door problems!

What I created for him around the Wish Fulfilling mantra that I normally prominently paint on the door protectors is like an earth map as seen from an airplane showing a vast and clear body of water, maybe a lake and some meandering smaller tributaries lit by the sun and the moon. The top portion is showing a magenta colored fertile land and on the left, we can see a portion of a star-studded sky just before dawn. The water has brilliant large circles reflecting the richness of the sky. Circles imply pure space, totality, spirit, heaven and life’s continuity with no end or beginning; the color blue represents water, coolness and depth. Together with the circular mirrors, they invite clarity, calmness, and decisions made from our wise selves. The smaller magenta dots, imply strength, energy, the fire of new ideas, the passion behind a purpose and the masculine energies of focused action.

The mantra is placed at the confluence of Heaven and Earth and it is slightly tilted to create movement and encourage openness to the new. It is capping the fertile ground implied by abounding flowers in full bloom. The flowers contain the seeds of intentions, for as we water the seedlings, we abide in the peace of knowing that what we planted will surely grow. The flowers are pinwheels, spreading our energy as pure light, all around us. They rotate to the rhythms of the season. The sky on the left side and still glistening with stars represents our ability to dream large, and to follow our dreams, trusting that like the seedlings, they will manifest in divine time; and so…

Last week I was asked to come by and do a space clearing in preparation for the sale of the house, and we agreed on the particular ceremony I would perform. After the clearing ritual, and remarking on the beautifully completed home, I chided my client for still not having a strong front door or a working doorbell.  Smiling sheepishly, he announced that the night before he received an offer on the house. I asked then, why he thought he needed a space clearing, since he had a door protector on the side door. He stated that he wanted extra security, although by now, he knew the power of the door protector even if it was on a side door. After all, he said, “since I bought the door protector, I finished the house, I got engaged to a wonderful woman, I will be married this summer and…I sold the house!”

Maybe you can benefit from a customized door protector, as many of my clients have so far. Look for June 2014 series of blog post and read their testimonials. Click on Door Protectors to see this one up close and others I created and consider emailing me your questions.

Have a wonderful week!


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