A New Door Protector Installed

R.Wright door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
R.Wright Door Protector (c) by Lidia Kenig scher

The newest door protector was installed this weekend for a client who had difficulty mustering all the resources needed to create a well balanced and nourishing home. As all Door Protectors, it was designed to be placed above the front door of her home, but it could also be installed in a business.

Door protectors are sacred paintings, created by channeling the energy of the person/s who commissions it while chanting the Wish Granting Jewel Mantra, a cherished Buddhist mantra taught by the historical Buddha about 2600 years ago. Said mantra is written in Tibetan and is at the center of the art. Together with colors and shapes, crystals and/or other objects selected for the particular client, it is intended to broadcast clarity, harmony, balance, and joy.

The folklore around the mantra tells that all who hear, see, touch or pass under it will receive many blessings. The individual who commissions the art and all who live in the home are then privileged to learn the mantra’s lessons of presence, compassion, love and equanimity in order to facilitate the fulfillment of their path of service. Thus, all situations occurring in the dwelling and its occupants after the installation of the art, are to be understood in light of what is best for the people residing there.

There are many wonderful testimonials from the many clients who own door protectors. Their stories are quite compelling. Please see Door Protector Stories to read them. It is these stories that keep me creating them.

While this piece is not available for purchase as a print, I encourage you to visit the Door Protector Gallery to see others who are indeed available in print, or canvas wrapped, ready to hang. You may also consider commissioning your own; I know you will not regret it!

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