Nothing But a School in Which to Learn

Untitled and Unfinished by Lidia Kenig Scher
Untitled and Unfinished by Lidia Kenig Scher

Creating art always teaches me about patience, presence and trust. Today was no exception.

Rousing from a deep slumber and trying to remember a couple of dreams I know were troublesome, I heard an inner voice asking me to be silent. It urged me to “let go and let God”; for a quiet mind nourishes body, mind and spirit. After about 30 minutes in the cushion, I decided to continue being silent and allowing God to speak in the studio.

I set the canvas on the easel, pulled out some Prussian blue and Zinc white and filled a large bucket with distilled water. I grabbed a 3” flat brush and added plain water to some smaller tubs, to clean the brushes as needed. I picked some interesting papers from the shelf above the easel and placed them on another table, then…I let go.

With total presence and trust I put the blue paint directly on the canvas and played with the color, the water and the brush with total abandon. White acrylic was added and I saw how easily it glided, when the huge watery brush carried it throughout the surface. No fear found its way into the room as I picked up some alcohol and allowed it to alter the blue/white dance. I  grabbed a medium yellow color and allowed it to drip from the top, further exploding the drips by misting fine water through a spray bottle. I heard myself humming and noticed myself smiling. I felt wholly nourished!

Patience said hello when I began to feel the urgency to end the painting today; a sure sign that I became attached to a clearly premature outcome, as I prefer that the paint dry…naturally. I allowed Patience to guide me back to Presence and Trust that Spirit-Within-Me, or how I address God, was gently counseling me to quit. It was time to attend to some mundane tasks. As I turned the canvas upside down and liked it I knew I would use this unfinished symphony of blues, whites and yellows to head this week’s post.

I am not sure where this is all going. The muse and I have another scheduled session later on this week which I will surely share on the next post. What I know for sure, is that when we have a quiet mind, new ideas just pop…naturally. Creativity is at its highest. When we are fully present in whatever we are doing, the heart and mind work in unison and urgency disappears. We know what to do and when to do it. As we allow the heart to take the lead, the mind becomes an effective ally. For the heart Trusts and God’s grace comes through nourishing every moment of our lives.

Osho taught that “life is nothing but a school in which to learn”. I learn through art. How do you practice your lessons? Chime in, I love to read your comments, and please, have a nourishing week!



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