Piercing Densities

Piercng Densities-Progress Painting By Lidia Kenig Scher
Piercng Densities-Progress Painting By Lidia Kenig Scher

While there are myriads of weight loss programs, books and exercise gurus clamoring to help us lose weight, the real issue is one of piercing into the density accumulated by thoughts and emotions that contributed to carrying a large body. This density affects not just how we look physically, but many more aspects of our life.

I do not discount the value of programs, books, gurus and the impact of exercising, monitoring eating, counseling and the rest. Yet some people succeed at reducing body mass and most struggle for years. I am part of the latter group and last week I decided to ponder and pierce my densities by asking my heart to help me shine the light on it through painting. I am hoping that my processes can help others see through and conquer their densities for good.

If you have been following my musings, you know that a painting session is preceded by tea and meditation. It is during these preliminary activities, that I sometimes sense a theme ready for exploration. Eventually I walk into the studio without thoughts, unwrap a new canvas and move to select colors, look around for other possible media and finally sit in front of the pristinely stretched fabric until something moves me to the next step.

Over the course of this work’s first painting session, a wide brush caused a large black shape to appear. It was indeed dense yet dynamic. I poured some alcohol on the form as if trying to dissolve it. Alcohol separates the paint, creating lines, or shapes, depending on how it is applied thus revealing the layers underneath. A bright turquoise blue was added, as if to bring in the vastness of sky, coupled with swaths of soft pink to include the perspective of a sunrise, dripping through the “blob”. Some deep red marks showed up just before the canvas was left on a table to dry.

During the next meditation I contemplated that the black density needed to be more decisively impacted, so the red marks became an amorphous shape with circles, the soft pink took on a deeper tint, closer to magenta, and the circles began to house pink spirals, aimed at transforming the dense blackness. Yellow made its appearance to add the clarity of light, and then… a small gold shape I found on the floor, simply flew on to the canvas. Noticing that the paper had a distinct heart shape, I saw it as a clue that love had a lot to do with piercing, and maybe transforming or dissolving the densities in my body.

On the following meditation session, I observed that the new colors and shapes seemed to lie on top of the blackness. None of what I had added seem yet to go in deeply. Mmm…I honored my feelings; I accepted the pain, allowed tears to roll and resolved to bring more light into the fears that created the density and fueled its growth. A deeper yellow was added and some of the spirals got a foil surface, indicating that transformation was indeed at work.

Piercing Densities by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)
Piercing Densities by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

After a lunch break I felt eager to get back to work. More hearts where added, using enamel gold paint, which after it dries, creates beautiful textures, indicating that sources of love are all around me, yet not from where I crave it. This craving created the pain that became a dense body afraid of deserving love. My new vision, symbolized by splashes of bright green paint, included a huge dose of self-love and self-forgiveness. The center shape became a stand-in for a beating heart infused with so much love and so much light that it truly pierced the black density.

The light infused spirals helped me realize that holding on to how I wished my past to be, kept me from seeing the abundance of love that I have now. It also promoted the same sense of scarcity in many areas of my life. As diluted black paint began to move beyond the center form, I knew I was on to truly piercing and slowly dissolving the pain and begin accepting the past as a crucial part of my life path.  Releasing it enables me to allow love, abundance and joy.

This 30” x 30” painting is available to inspire and transform. Purchase the original or well-priced prints by clicking on Piercing Densities.

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