The Fire Peacock

The Fire Peacock by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)
The Fire Peacock by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

The Fire Peacock

Flies to her nest

To hear the sounds

She’ll bring back to Earth

The Sun kisses her tail

And opens the eyes

Reassuring her

Of the strength of her flight

Just below

The water bubbles with laughter

Inviting her to look down

And reflect on her joy

The Fire Peacock is proud

To live her truth

To teach her wisdom

To share her path

When the peacock touches ground

Those standing on foot

Admire her stance

And stare at her beauty

They celebrate her deeds

Covet her wings

Marvel at her tail

And yet do not know

That those are the eyes

That mirror their souls

Be patient she tells

And you will soon see

That your wings will appear

If you nourish your dreams

Follow your truth

And be grateful for all

Be aware she says

Be gentle

Be kind

To all that shows up

Love all that you are

And then you will know

That you can always take off

Touch the ground and fly high

Fan your tail

And be proud

To lean into the wind

And feel the power of Grace

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