A Glorious Day on Moshup Beach

A Glorious Day on Moshup Beach
A Glorious Day on Moshup Beach by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

I have a difficult time painting outdoors and during this mini-vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts I gave up on setting a canvas, or drawing on my sketchbook, and simply allowed my eyes to scan the landscape inviting all my senses to converge and merge with whatever scenery came before me. I went to Moshup Beach and it was a glorious day.

Feeling caressed by the velvety smooth white sand and coddled by the gentle breezes off a perfectly blue ultramarine ocean, I strolled along the famous Gay Head Cliffs, using my camera, much as I would have handled my brushes. I intuitively pulled it out as I was moved to do so.

While there are no parts of these amazing formations of mostly white sand, black lignite, iron ore and red and white clay that are not stunning, this view I suddenly stumbled upon, simply took my breath away. The blue of the sky, softened by puffy clouds was the perfect backdrop to the massive colorful cliffs. The three bright beach umbrellas along with its picnic wares provided a mundane sense of whimsy that brought a wide grin to my face. I sat easily on a rock just taking in the entire composition and feeling joy.

I knew that the cliffs also contain a wide range of fossils, from whales, rhinoceroses, mastodons and other animals, so I found it amusing to think of the wholesomeness of it all. I appreciated the seamless interaction of the ancient landscape with the modern day fossils-to-be, including me, so I merged with it. I did it fully, silently, openly and was filled with the grace of a present, yet ever-changing moment when everything was vibrant, alive, and serenely divine. I decided to capture it on my canvas, er…phone camera, for indeed it was a glorious day on Moshup beach!

This week, take time to enjoy a glorious day yourself, wherever you are.



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