A Door Protector Serves its Purpose Well

Door Protector
TS-Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

The Door Protector was commissioned by The Theosophical Society of Boston a year after I conducted a consultation and healing session using Feng Shui principles to stabilize this independent branch of the venerable organization founded by Helena P. Blavatsky in 1875. The sacred art’s purpose is meant to sustain and ensure the growth this group experienced since the energetic adjustments were enacted last year.

I was honored to create art for a center dedicated to fostering spiritual exploration, and openly embracing the wealth of philosophies and spiritual practices available for the purpose of establishing dialog and cooperation. Yet most intriguing was the fact that Theosophy had a tremendous impact on the work of Wassily Kandinsky, arguably the father of the modern abstract art movement.

The term Theosophy often refers to the universal wisdom underlying all religions, which can be found at their core when they are stripped of accretions, deletions, and superstitions. It is also a state of consciousness accessible to all who are willing to undergo the type of inquiry leading to what we call enlightenment, which in Madame Blavatsky’s time was seen as communing with the devil.

Today we admired a person with strong spiritual practices and remark that she emits a particular vibrational field which in Kandinsky times was known as “thought-forms”, a term coined by J. Peters in 1908, referring to Mme. Blavatsky’s ideas of approaching spiritual issues by way of inner knowledge. Kandinsky fully embraced Blavatsky’s writings and what Peters called Transcendental Photography, or thought forms captured on form, such as a painting, and set out to fully explore art as “a pure inscription of the artist’s inner vibration”, dispensing of the need for representational content.

In his 1910 seminal book, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Kandinsky wrote that “the aesthetic purpose should be to produce vibrations in the beholder, and that “the work of art is the vehicle through which this purpose is served”. He posited that his paintings would be capable of relaying thought vibrations by evoking “sympathetic vibrations” in the viewer. Thus, the value of the work is measured according to its power to affect the viewer.

If you have been following my work, you know that I have ample testimonials that the art I call Door Protectors have a significant impact on its owners. Thus, this exploration of the purpose and philosophy of the Theosophical Society and its connection to the work of Wassily Kandinsky have given me a chance to explain why the installations work so well.

This much beloved and respected artist long ago paved the way for me to create sacred art in a state of deep reverence, holding loving and joyous thoughts that culminate in the writing of an ancient mantra intended to protect and guide those who behold it. I know that as I create the work, my vibrational field is enhanced, and I have witnessed that these paintings that embody my sincere wishes for well-being and harmony evoke sympathetic vibrations in those who see it or live with it. I would say that my works of art serve its purpose well!

The Theosophical Society of Boston is poised for a period of deep growth and renewal, knowing that out of the burning fires containing old thoughts, ideas and habits, one can emerge on a clear day where you can see forever! You can see a larger version of this door protector, and commission your own or purchase available blessed reproductions at LidiaScherArt/DoorProtectors


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