Emerging Consciousness

Emerging Consciousness by Lidia Kenig Scher
Emerging Consciousness by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

Seeking relief from a restless sleep, I sat on my purple cushion and began following the in breath and out breath until I found myself in the sweet spot of peace. Acknowledging the nudge of a piercing aching hip I flooded it with loving attention. But the pain became harder to love and I decided to go into the sanctuary of paint and media to start a wordless conversation with Spirit.

Dis-ease is a way for us to know that we are not at peace and in need to seek balance at the spiritual, emotional level, or both. Our physical selves have really good medicine for getting to wellness: rest, reflection and allowance. In my art room, looking at an empty canvas is where I am best able to turn off the bantering mind and access the place of reflection and allowance. I also know that after an intense painting session, I will happily rest.

While filling the canvas with colors and textures, shapes naturally occur. Lines easily appear and helpful techniques are retrieved from my experience “bag”. I trust that playing with the materials will yield a product that will benefit many people in different ways. I don’t focus on the pain nor its meaning in my life. In fact, I don’t focus on anything. Instead, I allow myself to be lead to what is right at the moment by an invisible hand I call Spirit and others call God or the Muse. Afterwards, and in deep contemplation, I will understand its import to me and know that the process I went through in creating it, left a strong vibrationally imprint that will allow the art to affect people and spaces where it will hang.

The art was created just before the Harvest Super Moon (the closest point the moon is to earth in its elliptical cycle) and a total eclipse. These celestial conditions will not be duplicated for another 18 years. As we are deeply connected not only to each other, but to all aspects of the universe, I looked forward to dialoguing with Spirit to understand how my physical ailment fit into the cosmic events. I was not to be disappointed!

Mystics describing eclipses in general, say that they help us to see consequences of past actions and give us opportunities to reflect and re-direct. Buddhists call it karma. Given the particular position of the planets, this eclipse beckons us to become aligned with our truth, awaken to the power to manifest our dreams, release fear based and scarcity mindsets, be mindful of our planet and use our talents and abilities guided by the greater good. There is no question on my mind that what I create has large significance; I also have testimonials of how the paintings positively affect people and environments. The pain in my hip indicates that somewhere deep inside, I fear that I may not be heard or believed, or that it may take a long time to see all my work make it to their right owners.

All of us have a choice, we can live on hold forever, led by our conditioned minds, or we can allow our emerging consciousness to steer our heart-mind to discover infinite possibilities, work fearlessly together toward the unknown, allow our inner selves to match our outer persona and trust that we are all guided by the loving and supportive energy of a benevolent universe.

The subtly layered mixed media, Emerging Consciousness is a 30” x 40” work on canvas. It has helped me expand, calm fear (pain in my hip has subsided) and trust that I am on the right path, and that one of you will be lucky enough to own it, be blessed by it and will support me to create more great works. Purchase it by clicking on Eclipse Painting.


2 thoughts on “Emerging Consciousness

  1. Calming fears.

    That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

    I recently heard from a psychologist that the opposite of fear is love. Love is the energy of the universe and it exist in each and everyone of us!

    Michael J

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