Feeling Safe Is a Matter of Neuroplasticity through Art

Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
Door Protector KWM by Lidia Kenig Scher

Feeling safe implies that we think we will not be harmed in any way. We tell ourselves that somehow, we will overcome a natural disaster, or that someone or something will keep us from being negatively affected by the actions of others. Feelings arise from thoughts that when sufficiently repeated become beliefs.

Feeling insecure comes from opposite set of beliefs laden with emotional responses to thoughts of survival. When we reinforce these beliefs by seeking confirmation outside of ourselves, they become instinctual by receding into our subconscious mind. Unaware, underlying fear is now the state of mind that guides our feelings and actions.

Fear is based on stories we tell ourselves that something we do not like may happen and will affect our well-being.  In a September 1851 journal entry by Henry David Thoreau, we get a clue of the power that these stories exert over our lives. “Nothing is so much to be feared as fear”, he wrote. Franklin D. Roosevelt was later to use the sentence to reassure a beleaguered nation gripped by fear of the Great Depression.

Today our buried fears are calcified by multimedia reinforcement. We witness terrorized people fleeing their homeland to encounter more fear, depending on where they land. We receive dire insurance solicitations promising safety in exchange for premiums and get text messages announcing that a known pedophile has moved nearby. Teachers are urged to wear guns in schools and savvy politicians feed with gory rhetoric the hungry fear deep within our core.  We want to move to Mars!

Unfortunately, underlying fear keeps us from thriving, creating and attaining happiness. Sure signs that we function in fear are issues with wealth and abundance, rampant health problems, especially cancer, anxiety, weight gain and the establishment of rigid rules that create a sense of false security, at home or worldwide.  Check, check, check!

We can start feeling safe now by deciding to change our minds, because “when we change our thoughts, what we look at changes”, said Dr. Wayne Dyer. This means creating empowering new neural pathways in our brains to help us alter emotional fear triggers. Scientists call it “neuroplasticity”, or a way to rewire our brains with new thoughts, that become new beliefs and provoke us into new ways of behaving and feeling. And I have just the tool to get us started!

A few years ago I encountered an ancient beautiful mantra called The Wish Fulfilling Mantra and began creating what I call Door Protectors with it, with the intention of assisting my clients to overcome issues they experienced and I saw as being consistent with living with fear. As the just delivered art above, door protectors are sacred paintings, created by channeling the energy of the person/s who commissions it while chanting and writing in Sanskrit the cherished Buddhist mantra taught 2600 years ago by the historical Buddha.

The colors, shapes, textures and findings around the mantra are selected for the particular client to create empowering new neural pathways in our brain that broadcast clarity, harmony, balance, and joy. The thoughts are reinforced on a constant basis because the art is installed above the front door on the inside. This neuroplasticity also positively affects all who pass under the threshold.

I am privileged to have received many wonderful testimonials from the many clients who now own door protectors. Their stories are quite compelling. Please see Door Protector Stories to read them. It is these stories that keep me creating them. Be safe and order yours today at Sacred Art

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