Inviting Healing

Inviting Healing by Lidia Kenig Scher
Inviting Healing by Lidia Kenig Scher
live painting Lidia Kenig Scher
Lidia Kenig Scher Painting Inviting Healing Live

Unquestionably a major health issue, cancer is the second leading cause of death.  Also unquestionable is the extraordinary amount of research into curing it, or at the very least, into ways to slow cancer cell growth, extend life and augment the quality of the time here on earth. I am jumping into the wagon by consciously creating art that contains the healing energies of love to the same ends. What I have going for me is the anecdotal evidence of clients who own art I created and has positively affected their lives and scientific research into how emotions can regulate genetic expression.

There is no conclusive evidence as to what exactly causes cancer, but there is evidence that our responses to the environment determine the expression of our genes, as reported in 1988 by John Cairns, a British molecular biologist. More recently other researchers including Bruce Lipton, PhD., a cellular biologist demonstrated that the environment as well as our conscious thoughts, our unconscious beliefs and in particular our emotions, play a definitive role in regulating genetic expression.

There is also ample evidence that color affects us. A 1980’s study sought to answer employee’s complaints of consistently feeling cold with color. Unbeknown to the employees, the designers made only one specific change; they used a “warm color palette”. A month after the renovation, all employees reported feeling warmer!

Physicists also confirmed that everything is energy constantly moving and changing, much of it as a result of interacting with other energies. Thus, we are affected by the vibration (energy) of colors, textures, shapes, lines and the thoughts and emotions that contributed to the specific art elements placed on a canvas, or 3-D art.

When an artist engages in deep meditation and connects with invisible forces some people call God, Spirit, or other divine-type energy, and includes these energies in the art, what she creates becomes imbued with divine thoughts. In my experience, divinity only expresses unconditional love. How we receive it is another story. Through Buddhist philosophy, painting and teaching art and meditation, I learned that our mind is the cause of much of our suffering. Within its close association with the part of our personality called ego, the mind seems bent of refusing to accept that we have power to alter our thoughts and that positive thoughts regulate genetic expression by planting and sawing seeds of goodness, peace and well-being, likely to alter the course of a serious illness.

The art I call Inviting Healing started live at a benefit to fund a specialty shop at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, MA called Windows of Hope, offering support, products and referrals to patients undergoing cancer treatment. I consciously absorbed energy from people who were in remission, those undergoing treatment, people who came to offer support and the festive atmosphere of hope provided by the great food, live music, shoppers purchasing earrings to donate and those who interacted with me while I painted.

Back in the studio, I continued chanting and adding what I was guided to include to promote joy, whimsy, transformation, peace and healing. The finished art has clear intentions; those seeking healing must install it with similar intentions and make it a point to look at it at least twice daily for 27 days. If you care to try, click on Healing Art and purchase an original or a well-priced print and let me know how it went. Many clients report excellent results and I know you will not regret it!

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