The Source

The Source by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Source by Lidia Kenig Scher

Last week I wrote about the power of thoughts to alter genes’ behavior and manifest healing and how art with powerful intentions may be helpful in “Inviting Healing”. Today’s piece ups the ante by stating that it is at the Source where healing takes place and this work may help you understand how to reach that place where healing is available. I will tell you how I do it and perhaps you may learn a thing or two you can apply to your situation.

Through the process of creating I heal, but it is not my intention to heal. I just created this colorful artwork on a canvas because this is what I do. It is not just my work; my best means of expression is through art. It is my way of sharing my soul; it is my teaching tool and my contribution to humanity. When I don’t paint I am not OK.

When I enter the art studio, a cloak of peace surrounds me. I am never afraid, nor do I ever doubt that whatever will be when completed, will be perfect.

The mere process of picking paint, using the brushes and watching the color freely move about is pleasurable. It gives me joy! If I think about it, I see that it is not really a cloak that envelops me with peace. It is more like a flower that unfolds from my heart, and its petals as they open, drape themselves over my arms and hands. The innards of the flower then get projected onto the canvas and my job becomes one of unveiling what is now on the pristinely white support.

There are no thoughts while I paint just inner peace and a sense of goodness. Fully present I am a witness to whatever in me needs to heal, as it comes up for transformation through some colors, textures, shapes, or medium. The power of healing comes from the absence of mind chatter, or thoughts tainted by guilt, sorrow or past conditioning. There are no answers while I paint. Those will come later, either at the time of naming the piece or like now, as I write about it.

While I paint, the heart-mind takes over and I am one with the All. As my heart fully opens, beating all by itself; I am neither in the head, nor in the heart. Osho said that the energy comes from “the very source from where the heart takes it, pulsating at the very source”. This is ecstasy, my friends. It is harmony, love, joy, fulfillment, transformation, peace and yes, healing. It is a force like no other and it is alive on the canvas.

You too can experience this, but first, again in Osho’s * words, “first you have to learn how to be at the Source, then the source will decide where your potential is. You can relax at the source, and it will take you to your very potential” The source is always within us and always available. We don’t have to get tickets to it, or go anywhere to feel peace, love and joy. All we have to do is be quiet, soft, present, grounded and open to love. This is what the Buddha meant when he asked us to be “a lamp unto ourselves” Use that light to create in everything you do.

This is why this art heals. It offers a loving way to reach The Source. Click on it and experience it. You can also purchase it and bring this gateway into your home or business.

*The Zen Manifesto, Osho, Chapter 11


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