The Innocence of a Child

The Innocence of a Child by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)
The Innocence of a Child by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

A funny thing happens when you let go of troubling thoughts or any other thoughts for that matter, and allow Spirit to pick up your brushes and use your hands to create that which did not exist before; that which could not have materialized had you not being there at that moment in time and be willing to drop all knowledge and become as innocent as a child.

Without the trappings of name, identity, country of origin, profession, family affiliation, gender and any other defining qualifiers, there goes the personality and the ego as well. That is how a toddler behaves. So, who am I now? I asked myself, when I realized that the restless sleep over the previous night was centered around deeply rooted self-esteem issues that the morning light called weeds in serious need of being pulled out.

Feeling physically a mess and fully willing to face doubts, self-love, and lovability quotient in the best way I know, I lit a candle, brewed some Pi Lo Chun, a very unique and somewhat rare Chinese green tea and raptly watched the snail-like rolled leaves delicately unfurl as hot liquid was poured on. The sweet fragrance wafting from the tea is that of plums, apricots and peach blossoms surely picked up from the nearby fruit trees surrounding the area where these Camellia Sinensis plants grow in China.

Seating on my meditation cushion, I allowed the scent to fill my nostrils and imagined myself playing in the luscious hilly terrain, becoming the velvety rolled leaves laying on a wide bamboo basket, and feeling the warm water pouring down as if divine hands were unfurling me…

Somehow I made it to my studio from where I emerged six or seven hours later and stared at this 11” x 14” canvas admiring the various layers of acrylic in jewel-like blue-greens, with soft cobalt arches, brilliant cadmium red washes and sparkly yellows, accented with zinc white ink dots and drips, pure gold lines, and deeply textured enamels. The strong composition is anchored by dark ultramarine blue shapes cascading from above allowing the warmer colors to recede and be seen as a mysterious and richly layered background we could, like a child, joyously and innocently explore into infinity.

As I write this now, I dwell in the peacefulness of I AM; loving, lovable, unique and beautiful. My child-like self has no roles to fulfill. It simply knows by having lived my life deeply and fully. The wisdom of these rich experiences allows me to flow, as if pulled by angels in the direction my heart is pointing toward, authentically, and in acceptance of the ever-changing magic called life. It is all on a canvas called The Innocence of a Child , healed because I let go and let God…

Grab the painting, let go and have a magic week!

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