Thank You for My Pain, Doctor Bob


My left hip was bothering me after I stepped down the stage from where I was teaching in early October. A few of Doctor Bob’s chiropractic treatments and I was as good as gold. In November I had to slow down to allow my lungs to heal pneumonia and Doctor Wang’s herbs carried me through to health. By early December, the pain in my hip returned with a vengeance. This time, carrying on was no longer an option and I was forced to stop and…

…Take notice of what my soul was trying to tell me for months

Renowned cell biologist Bruce Lipton states that physical symptoms are the tangible evidence of emotions and thoughts buried deeply in our unconscious mind, and author Calvin Banyan explains that our emotions play a crucial role in ensuring that our needs are met.  So when feelings are ignored, our subconscious mind must find another way to get its message across and help us see what we refuse to acknowledge. Hence we experience physical symptoms in varying degrees as an alert system that all species share. “Disease is in essence a result of conflict between Soul and Mind” said Dr Edward Bach, the scientist behind Bach’s Flower Essences.

So I kept painting and teaching, the only times I did not feel pain, and having massages, Reiki treatments and chiropractic care until one day, lying on the treatment table Dr Bob said, “you know that this is emotional” and I replied, “thank you for my pain!”

The long process of revisiting old pain was made particularly easy just by noticing what was missing in my life and what was showing up

The love, attention and care my soul craved was provided by close friends, some of my students and neighbors who simply showed up at the right time. It didn’t come from the source I deeply desired.

The more I wanted the particular source of love, the more I hurt until I became unable to move or take care of my basic needs

Now I couldn’t paint, write or even think coherently. As the art above clearly shows, I was “in the basement”. I could see the light above, but the stairs were broken and the buried emotions kept on falling in.

Guilt, regret, despair and utter loneliness gladly made its appearance and I gave in…I surrendered for a while

One day I noticed that along with clouds of sadness, some shooting stars and bubbles of light seemed to be floating. I decided to chant the Wish Fulfilling mantra over and over again with the intention of seeing the source of my feelings of worthlessness and heal all the pain I have been ignoring for years.

As I forgave myself for all my incorrect perceptions, I also forgave all the people, situations and events that contributed to the emotions, the feelings and thoughts that got stuck along the way

I also recognized the little girl still hidden within me that was still erroneously trying to protect me and invited her to grow up with me, heal and shine together by continuing to paint, teach and be open to the love, respect and kindness we both deserve.

I allowed my body to heal some more and slowly ventured into the heavenly place I call my studio. I wanted to recreate my experience by painting a door protector and then offer it as a journey of healing, love and protection to the one friend that has been a solid fountain of love and encouragement for nearly 46 years: Doctor Bob.

I also know that as a source of peace and loving kindness, the sacred art would silently help all those who see it and pass under it.  Patients, staff and doctor would receive myriads of blessings at all times

I walked into Chestnut Hill Chiropractic and Rehabilitation and offering the art I simply said, “thank you for my pain, Dr Bob”. His smile and bear hug was gratefully received by my now healed body and soul!

This Door Protector is available only as a blessed canvas wrapped print, or you may email me to request that I create a personalized one by going to

May you be happy, healthy and loved. May you count your blessings and rejoice in the light that you are, now and always. Happy New Year and thank you for being my loyal supporters!

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