Her Life Shifted When She Ordered a Door Protector

Door Protector Je Eun by Lidia Kenig Scher
Door Protector Je Eun by Lidia Kenig Scher

The newest sacred art was installed last week in the home of a very successful fiftysomething woman living in an urban setting. Her upscale apartment was tastefully and beautifully decorated and her close relationships and career seemed to be nicely humming along. Yet she felt insecure enough to order a door protector.

The neighborhood and the property had recently experienced unsettling incidents. Robberies and illicit activities made police presence more ubiquitous. The woman also mentioned feeling a bit insecure about the timing of her upcoming marriage and about officially becoming part of a family that included teenagers with a very difficult history.

When I installed the glowing art, the client mentioned what I often hear from those who order door protectors. She felt that something in her life had shifted right after ordering it. While each person experiences the shift differently; they all do. In this case my client was already feeling more confident and had a deeper sense of acceptance from the new family.

I explained that this is most likely because she entrusted a higher power to take care of what in her life she seemed unable to resolve.

From the moment I purchase the new canvas, or whatever support seems best for the application, whatever goes into the art from color, to texture, to crystals to symbols; the entire time I am focused on the person who ordered it and his or her needs…then amazing things happen!

I allow myself to be guided by the higher power I call Spirit-Within-Me and this is what each client trusts: that what they now see as difficulties will be perfectly taken care off on its own time.

In this door protector I used the symbolism of a huge rising sun mimicking the new beginnings we witness each morning encouraging us to remember that even when clouds obscure the life giving celestial body; it is still there in its magnificent brilliance. So it is with us.

Pain may now cover our true divine nature, but it is temporary. Our brilliance is always there when we allow our clouds to move!

Gold leaf rises from the bottom of the piece and surrounds the mantra. Gold is said to bring wealth, happiness and a sense of comfort. As a mineral of magic, it attracts positive energy by reflecting the sun and its power, preventing spiritual corruption, calming anger and easing sadness and depression. It purifies the heart chakra and it amplifies thoughts. The mantra directs us to choose its empowering message around this metal.

Black tourmalines on each side of the Wish Fulfilling Mantra provide grounding and offer powerful protection against negative energy, while encouraging a positive mindset.

Mustard seeds peppered with gold dispel illness, bad luck and harm and they are believed to have been a staple in the Medicine Buddha’s pouch.
Rubies promote passion and vitality; it increases life-force and helps us see prosperity at all levels.

Heliotrope, the crystal form of Bloodstone, provides blood cleansing properties, encourages generosity, abundance and it increases clarity. Along with the expansive brilliant sky above, both help us expand our thinking to fearlessly manifest our dreams.

After the installation ceremony, we shared a warm cup of ginger tea laden with lemon and honey. The smile on my client’s face spoke of her peacefulness and gratefulness. I am also deeply thankful that I can create the wonderful pieces that are as healing to me as they are to the new owners.

See available purchasing options at www.lidiascherart.com and read more door protector stories on blog.

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