I Would Call it a Miracle

Balba Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
Balba Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher

The newest just delivered door protector to a very talented published poet and professional woman made its mark even before I completed it. A week after it was ordered, the client had a potentially life-threatening accident from which she came out unscathed. In a frantic phone call she told me; “I would call it a miracle!”

Even though she felt lucky to be alive, the events surrounding the accident were so unusual that she needed to communicate her feelings to me, as in a debriefing session. Gently, I reminded her of others whom she knew and who had felt the “protecting effects” soon after ordering the art. Such is the power of intention. What goes into our mind…is the main cause of our future experiences, said the Buddha.

When our minds are busy with thoughts we would call obsessive, as when we worry about our livelihood, our health, or our basic safety, and we are presented with what we perceive a possible remedy for what ails us, most of us go to it with lightning speed.

My client confessed that recently she had been worried about living alone and being in a situation where she could not receive help, but could not remember thinking this when she ordered the art. It does not matter.

Any thought plants a seed in our minds that eventually sprouts. When we entertain the same or similar thoughts over and over again, and when the thoughts are steeped in strong emotions, such thoughts will sooner or later sprout into like-our-thoughts situations and blossom into a garden that reinforces the events we have been fretting over.

Upon seeing the Door Protectors on display, this woman was drawn to commission a personalized one. This created a powerful sense of security that crystalized a week later when she had a dangerous fall that occurred when she was alone and unable to reach help. But help did arrive!

A lost repairman walked through the normally locked front door and, shocked at the situation in which he found my client pronounced the fact that the woman was unharmed amidst shards of glass, simply a miracle.

I did not know any of this while I was creating the piece. It had started really easily and then it was stalled until last Friday, when the shapes, textures and colors seemed to go smoothly on to the canvas. It was a signal that she now needed the art installed. This we did last night.

The large round moon mirror surrounded by brilliant silver circles implies the ability to look within for our innate wisdom. The fiery brilliant sun setting behind it and the black tourmaline pieces support the mantra as if giving it extra protective boost. The blue glittery circles surround silver spirals, symbols of transformation, and the blue pinwheels encourage us to see life with trust and child-like innocence.

Heliotrope crystals and garnets provide courage, support and passion for life, while the little white, black and yellow dots mimic bursting fireworks, aimed at reassuring this talented individual that life is not meant to be a chore filled with duties, but a joyous, abundant and miraculous journey.

The new life cycle has begun and with a little trust and strong resolve, she will be able to manifest her dreams and use fear only to be propelled to greatness. This piece is not available for prints, but there are many wonderful testimonials at, http://wp.me/pwP90-y2 . Then you can decide if like the poet, you want to commission a personalized art or take advantage of the ones available at Door Protectors


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