The Feng Shui of Relationships Revisited

The Feng Shui Series: Relationships by Lidia Kenig-Scher
The Feng Shui Series: Relationships by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Did you know that where you live, the layout of your home and the furniture arrangement can help you understand how your primary relationships function?

Did you know that the kind of art you display can help you see why you have attracted the right love partner to your life or what causes you to stumble upon unsuitable ship mates?

Our relationship issues are visually and energetically spelled out in our home floor plan.

Whether we own or rent our abodes, a trained Feng Shui consultant can interpret these signs, help us uncover the underlying issues that led us to live in these environments and suggest adjustments to shift both the dwellers’ and the space’s vibrational level.

Physical adjustments or “cures” such as art, create anchors within the home to encourage intentional engagement and yield the desired outcome or better.

The art here was created to serve such purpose.

The lunar cycle that started this month ushers in the year of relationships, or what in Feng Shui astrology or 9 Star Ki is known as number 2 Soil. In 2016 this number that relates to relationships, nurturing, and female energy is located right in the center of the universal energy grid. This ancient tool is used by many professionals to understand how energy flows in the larger universe and within the enclosed spaces where we live or work. Most importantly, it is concerned with how our personal energy interacts; it affects and is affected by all that surrounds us.

The art aptly called Relationships helps overcome and enhance a home or business where this energy is stagnant or even missing. It is 12” x 12” x .75” D.

Relationships or “soil” in Asian healing arts relates to the stomach and digestive system. In the painting, placemat-like shapes appear homespun; together with bright seedlings these provide symbols of abundant and loving family gatherings. Squares, including the canvas shape are stand-ins for the energy of the Earth; the consummate nurturer and provider. The two white flowers and the flowering trees emphasize the caring aspect of female energy. Pairs of elements and the color pink provide symbols of “marriage”, and the orange colored background is another symbol for the earth, the source of our food, the ground beneath our feet and the ultimate symbol of love and compassion.

Properly placed and strengthened by intention, the art will provide gentle reminders of the kinds of thoughts and beliefs needed to enhance your present relationships or attract a new one. At the very least, it will boost the confidence of the women residing or working in the space, and increase the resident’s (or employees) ability to relate more effectively to one another.

To further understand the effects that our living or working environment has on our lives, you can read an article I wrote a few years back. It will also help you decide the best spot for the needed adjustment. See Feng Shui and Relationships

Improve your love life, purchase the art at Relationships and have a great week!

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