Extreme Love and Abundance Required

MAR Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
MAR Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher

Against a background of an azure sky dotted by red stars and violet hues, stands a bright pink and green Yin and Yang symbol containing a crystal butterfly. The center symbol appears to rotate gently, eventually spinning out arms bearing juicy cherry plums.

The sinuous Wish Fulfilling Mantra is crowned by a Kunzite crystal sun and accompanied by a Gem Silica, an Amazonite stone, tiny rose colored cut crystals and little red stars. The overall feeling is of extreme joy, a wholesome attitude of celebration where we honor and share in our happiness, virtues and wisdom and can rejoice in everyone else’s blessings, like…extreme abundance!

Extreme abundance at all levels, and a strong family unit where everyone feels connected and well-loved was my client’s intention for this door protector  now installed in the home of teenage triplets, a successful and devoted dad and a wise Shaman mom with a powerful combination of business savvy and strong spiritual leadership skills.

Fittingly, this busy and diverse grouping requires the clarity of azure skies to manage the myriad of activities yet can use the wisdom of the violet flame to bring about light and joy. The Yin/Yang emblem symbolizes opposite forces that are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent and give rise to each other in constant transformational motion. Aware of this concept, the family unit flows and ebbs sharing their lives with each other and with the world at large.

The butterfly, a symbol of transformation is interwoven with the Yin/Yang image, mirroring the growth the family will surely experience as the teenagers become adults and branch out to create their own paths–the “arms” bursting into fruit.

Tibetan medicine identifies passion, aggression and ignorance as the root causes of all disease, and the myrobalan plant (cherry plum) is endowed with the ability to heal each of these conflicting emotions. The Medicine Buddha is always depicted holding a blooming myrobalan plant on his left hand, implying that addressing these base mind constructs yielding unwholesome behaviors and disease can be healed by practicing love, joy, compassion and equanimity.

The profusion of plum blossoms each surrounded by golden light, are meant to promote the above named virtues and endow this family with the ability to heal whatever may appear as an illness, root it out and transform it into the golden light of love.

The brilliant Gem Silica, on the left promotes effective communication through the gentle speech that comes from the heart. It is also an empowering ally for receiving and applying higher knowledge that benefits all. On the right, an Amazonite soothes the spirit and provides calm and harmony where everyone can express their authenticity.

The Kunzite crystals’ sun above the beginning of the syllables of the Wish Fulfilling Mantra, reinforces the intention that summoning unconditional love for all, compassion, joy and equanimity are the roads to extreme love and abundance for all.

The red stars mean that noble people reside in this home, and that their kindness will allow them to be great leaders. It foretells that they will also host other great and kind leaders.

The pink cut crystals imply that there is much abundance in this home already. The door protector stands as a reinforcer of the blessings that this family can broadcast as it grows and evolves.

Installed last Friday, the sacred art fitted seamlessly in the very colorful and tastefully designed home, as if it had always been there.

Blessed and embellished giclee reproductions are available by going over to Door Protectors

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