Painting from the Heart are Soul-utions


Looking Deeply: Bringing Forth the Heart’s Light A Day Long Painting Retreat with Lidia Kenig-Scher
Looking Deeply: Bringing Forth the Heart’s Light A Day Long Painting Retreat with Lidia Kenig-Scher

When I asked the women in this group, what stood out for them as they looked back at the day we spent practicing yoga, meditating, painting, dancing, journaling and centering with the sound of crystal bowls, one person stated that she “never knew how hard it was to let go”. Herein lies the power of learning a technique I call Painting from the Heart.

These women from varied backgrounds and socio-economic status participated in a retreat I led in Arlington, MA. Some had attended the previous event and others came in a little apprehensive having no idea what they were in for. Luckily they all trusted me and after completing the second artwork, everyone seemed astonished at the beauty, color, diversity and quality of what was created. A few went back to the morning exercise and boldly and successfully altered the piece.

With a broad smile on her face, one attendee declared herself as “super happy”!

This approach is based on the premise that reality is not what our mind leads us to believe, but the actual state of things and events that are interdependent and always temporary.

In this view, what we perceive as reality is based on perceptions and preconditions that affect our actions and take full responsibility as the principal actors in the events of our life.

When we become aware of our feelings, our emotions and our thoughts as we assess what shows up in our lives, we are able to see the illusory nature of reality and place events and circumstances we are involved in as necessary learning for our growth leading to wellness, happiness and contentment.

Training in listening to our hearts through meditation is the first step in our quest for awareness. Putting what we hear from our hearts on a canvas, allows us to trust our inner voice as we contemplate and assess the validity of our perceptions within an atmosphere of play and acceptance.

When we learn to use art products, combined with techniques, elements and principles of art creation, we enable the vivid expression of our authentic selves. What we create is unique and valuable not only to ourselves but for others.

Every time we create art from the heart, we transform what could be deeply troubling into possibilities borne of pure love and self-acceptance. The art thus created vibrates with positive soul-utions forever.

This practice may lead to a career in art because it becomes an honest form of communication and we feel compelled to share. It could certainly become a useful tool for spiritual growth or both. In all cases, it will yield naturally satisfying art able to enhance any space where the work is installed because it vibrates with the joy we experienced.

I teach this technique, because I have grown, I allow my heart to lead all my creations, I am happy and more aware of myself in the world, and my clients report that the art they own positively alters their homes and businesses.

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