Trusting the Flow

Trusting the Flow by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Trusting the Flow by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Committed to trusting what shows up in your life and thoughtfully learn, but found yourself tripped up by an unexpected event you didn’t like?

We tend to think that good is what feels swell, yet we don’t learn unless something rubs our ego-mind

Oysters make pearls in response to an irritant, such as a grain of sand or another object. When the irritant makes its way between the mollusk’s shell and mantle, the creature produces nacre, or mother-of-pearl, a protective coating that helps reduce irritation. The more the oyster rubs, the thicker and more beautiful is the nacre coating. Aren’t we like pearls?

Working diligently with what irritates us starts by accepting that life is not as we wish it to be, it simply is

As we embrace and accept events and situations knowing that “this too shall pass”; we are able to recognize that what occurred is what is needed to further our growth. By shifting the way we look at the irritant and incorporate the lesson into the fabric of our lives, we are enriched and our “nacre” shows up in our happiness quotient.

As others notice our joy and the way we act instead of react, doors heretofore closed begin to open at all levels.

A few years ago, I reluctantly left a job I knew did not fit me. The day I quit I sold two paintings from an unexpected source and a sizeable debt got paid off; which was the reason I overstayed in that job. Soon thereafter, a more fulfilling and more lucrative situation opened up that I had not even considered. Painting has been my best authenticity teacher.

The art I call Trusting the Flow began as a class demonstration of layering and blending. The first layer is crumpled newspaper, followed by a layer of titanium white paint. After these two layers dried, I applied red-violet light and bright aqua green then proceeded to blur the separation between the two colors with a sponge. The sponge also helped me to remove some paint to get a sense of depth and add paint on to another area of the canvas. A palette knife was used to add cadmium yellow and diluted titanium white was splattered in discreet areas as a focus.

The painting sat in my studio until yesterday when I decided to work on it some more while waiting for a commission drying elsewhere and distracted by “the unexpected event”.

I became increasingly dissatisfied with the painting, aware that it was a metaphor for the “event I didn’t like”. Thus I began to “produce nacre” to transform the irritant by facing the painting, quieting the mind and focusing on colors, textures and processes.

I cannot tell you exactly what took place when I allowed my heart to speak and express itself through the art materials, but before I retired for the night, I had easily resolved the situation by seeing it from an unusual perspective. Let us say…a more colorful one?

I awoke at 3:00 AM and joyfully came up with the title. Eckhart Tolle said that when we are in a state of acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm in whatever we do, we are in alignment with universal purpose. Otherwise, we create unhappiness, or suffering in one form or another.

I accepted what life presented me with, and joyfully examined it from different perspectives as I enthusiastically completed a beautiful painting. Click on Trusting the Flow to purchase it. It may cause you to trust your voice and go with the flow!


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