A Source of Positivity

Steiner Door Protector by Lidia kenig-Scher
Steiner Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

While we tend to think that emotions are instinctual; they are actually a response to thoughts we created by interpreting events in our past. When our present circumstances mirror in some manner the original ones, we reprise the old feelings in the now.

Today we must admit to having plenty of situations that threaten our most basic hierarchy of needs and give rise to physiological and safety-related emotions that threaten our sense of belonging.

When we allow our thoughts and emotions to be hijacked by what we see, hear and experience, we are not using our emotional intelligence.

The totality of our life experiences serve as fuel for the functioning of the body-mind continuum and our bodies are a reflection and a metaphor for the state of our mind, says Deepak Chopra, adding that “negative emotional experiences are stored as heaviness in our physical system”.

Depression, anxiety, failed relationships, financial instability and weight problems, among other things, are consequences of the dense fuel that keeps us from living an authentic life.

When we harness positive energy by spending time in nature, eat and sleep well, partake in the arts and engage in loving and compassionate interactions; our biochemical system stores these life situations as lightness.

The more we lighten our load by taking responsibility for what we allow into our system, and practice and participate in uplifting activities, the more emotionally intelligent we are and can act in the world as a source of positivity and goodness for all.

Thoughts are real forces, and much like planting beautiful flowers to overcome weeds without pesticides, practicing awareness by exposing ourselves to “lightness-bearing” experiences balances the negativity that we see, hear and feel in our daily lives.

The door protectors I create, such as the one pictured here, are such lightness-bearing tools that serve to balance our physical and mental systems.

Creating art has been my strongest medicine for personal healing and growth. By chanting the Wish Fulfilling Mantra as I also write it on the door protectors, and augmenting it with powerful symbols and images, I expand the positivity quotient for all.

The sacred art conceived with the purest of intentions lightens my mind and thus my body. When installed in people’s home and businesses, it gets mixed with the dwellers’ positive thoughts thus multiplying goodness by the gazillions.

The intentions seen every time they cross their thresholds promote subconscious awareness and become light-bearing imprints guiding owners on their right path and instilling the space with lightness and joy.

The light-filled mountains in this art promise that upon reaching the top, we can freely explore the sinuous and colorful spiraling “korus” beyond. New Zealand Maori’s unfurling fern frond symbol indicates that new beginnings, new life, awakenings, personal growth, positive change, strength and peace will happen in its own time if we see every experience as filled with light. Butterflies foretell of patience and resolve to transform beauty with grace, and flowers are a metaphor for sharing our lives with others in joyous ways. The mantra and mustard seeds are ancient protection sources.

Before we installed the art, my client was concerned with an ailing bird by her back door and its spiritual meaning. After installing it, the bird was gone, moreover, she reports having one of the best night’s sleep ever!

Become a source of positivity and purchase blessed giclee canvas-wrapped prints available at Door Protectors Gallery or commission your personal piece by emailing me a quote request.

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