Luminous Awareness

Luminous Awareness by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Luminous Awareness by Lidia Kenig-Scher

There were very few times in my life when I looked in the mirror and thought that I had a nice looking body. I tried diets and exercise programs that included relaxation, food diaries, tapping and meditation until I finally understood that I am a complete system and there is no separation between my mind and my body nor am I disconnected from the environment.

This implies that there is no bad or good me, no spiritual me separate from the physical me. I am endowed with the power to create beauty and gifted with the pettiness to act crassly. I am one at all times and I am powerful, as long as I am aware of my mind and the significant role it plays in how I think about my body and my environment.

It may be difficult to locate the mind, yet we can understand how it works. A life situation produces an emotion that like a snapshot from a camera, it is stored in our system. Every time we encounter a similar situation, our body reacts by feeling the same emotion. Eventually, we no longer need to see the situation, but the feeling, now lodged in our body is triggered by a like-thought. Eventually a belief is born.

Emotions clamor for space in our body-mind continuum, constantly emitting ready to fire electrical impulses. Most are old unresolved feelings that unwittingly create densities in the system and can only be released through keen awareness.

Awareness is like a flashlight we can use to explore the dark and crowded attics of our mind and eliminate the clutter, lest we strain the “house” with dangerous volume and weight.

We can look at the density we carry in our bodies, the state of our relationships, our job satisfaction level, our interactions with the world at large and the look of our homes for clear evidence of the contents of our mind.

The light of awareness is always within us and can be awaken through the practice of meditation, a peace-abiding method whereby we can safely identify the burdensome contents using our heart-mind.

In the meditative state, we are in touch with the love source from whence our light is nourished. This pure energy alive, pulsating and ready to satisfy our total needs enables us to transform densities into lightness.

When we allow our luminous awareness to identify what doesn’t serve us, we see that none has substance. Like confetti, crusty emotions are easily dispersed by the winds of understanding. In clarity we see true power: our heart-mind filled with love and compassion for us and all and our interconnections.

Luminous Awareness is the title of this painting because in creating and contemplating it I saw that I am filled with light and love not unmovable densities born in dualities. Resting at the source, my heart-mind feels oneness, loving kindness and appreciation for the body and the densities I still carry, seeing it all as equally worthy. Meditation continues to open the way for wisdom to thrive and thoughtfully move what must. It gives me method for when I detour thinking that I will be gorgeous when I lose weight, and refocus to rejoice in the gorgeousness I already am.

The Tibetan syllables on the art, OM AH HUM (Body, Speech and Heart-Mind), are the mantra I chanted and meditated upon as I painted. It helped me see a nice looking body reflected in my mirror. Go to Luminous Awareness to purchase the art, or prints and if you wish, request the full meditation through the Contact form.


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