Ever Glowing Witness

Ever Glowing Witness by Lidia Kenig
Ever Glowing Witness by Lidia Kenig

It is rather easy to derive insight into what shows up in our lives, when the thick veil of unconsciousness has been replaced with the flowing ribbons of awareness.

You know it because the fear is gone and the ever chatty ego knows that it can only keep up the banter until it reaches the shining inner core.

Still some days though, the billowy foreground offers us an out in case we choose not to look.

Such was the case when, still contemplating burdens I wished to release, a nagging and anger-bearing thought made its appearance. Swatting it as if it were a fly, I soon came to realize that its persistence could not be ignored.

As I dipped a wide brush into shimmery gold acrylic paint and applied it on to the pristine canvas, I began chanting OM SHANTI OM, loosely translated as “I radiate peace”. I then looked anger in the eye and decided to put the fire out with sparkling sprays of teal paint and alcohol, allowing the mixture to drip and fracture the color.

Likewise, my heart opened wide to embrace the hot emotions, aware that they were caused by random thoughts attached to the past. I watched interesting Alizarin Crimson hued clusters appear and become imprinted on the gleaming background. Some moved by stiffly and tightly, like the obsessive thoughts we entertain at times, while others began to separate and rhythmically float out of the picture.

White swirls of pure light were created causing the sticky thoughts to disintegrate and make space for new and bright ones to appear.

The positive thoughts are represented by red dots with tails that breezily move about as sperm in the womb, engendering new life into the ecosystem of my being.

All the elements move about in front of the solid gold background representing my shining inner core. This glowing inner witness always silent, aware and unchanged is the authentic self; it is the consciousness that I AM.

I find that experiencing self-awareness at the physical level can be mind-altering. I painted awareness as bright green ribbons in the foreground, not only as a reminder of what I know, but to also use them as a shield on those days when I forget that I am a spiritual being in human form.

This 30” x 30” x .75” wrapped canvas ready to hang mixed media artwork will become an ever-glowing witness that will enhance any space it is installed. Ever-Glowing Witness is ready to help you as well, to become aware of your quiet constant center now.


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