Which Do I Keep?

Which Do I Keep? by Lidia Kenig
Which Do I Keep? by Lidia Kenig

Have you noticed that when you decide to take clutter out of your life, you are not only creating space for the new, but seemingly out of the blue, people and situations you thought were done, completed and gone forever reappear?

I started this painting on Saturday morning after a lovely meditation that inspired me to play, leaving all questions about burdens to still release, behind.

But darkness readily made its presence known.


Heavy micaceous iron oxide and Payne’s Gray acrylic paint were knifed onto the canvas and as I allowed the paint to dry, I simply contemplated the gritty dark iridescence against the white canvas.

I became curious and looked around the studio for other colors I could include, as I adventurously peered into the intense black containing microscopic specs of light, fearlessly interpreting it as an auspicious appearance.

Directly from the jar, I applied wide swathes of gold acrylic paint, remembering from my last painting, of my Ever-Glowing and non-judgmental inner presence. I then boldly added yummy swirls of Fluorescent Violet allowing it to randomly mix in with the gold to create very cool textures.

As I mixed some of the violet with the micaceous iron oxide, to capture some light chips and tone down the violet’s brightness, I reflected on the extraordinary movement now on the surface. Darkness and light coexisted in this ever-changing painted universe and I was eager to uncover its full meaning.

The perspective of a new day inspired me to add somewhat controlled splashes of diluted Teal applied both in negative and positive circles, combined with additional shapeless sprays and silly lines.

Was I diluting the darkness or playfully splashing in water?

Alcohol dripped circles complemented the teal dots, and spirals of dimensional Sour Apple green supported and added interesting movement to the violet shapes.

As I began to add white microdots to the violet forms, a deep sense of understanding arose and the second painting session ended with a wide grin on my face.

I slept soundly waking gently with soft eyes focused on the painting to start meditating. However, I was not ready to get up for I promptly fell asleep for another hour!

Up and contemplating my unfinished painting, I realized that the violet shapes needed more exploration, for they represented people and situations from the past that had recently resurfaced in my life.

I had to accept that these had been improperly shoved in the attic of my mind, showing up now to be better understood and enrich the present or move on to its completion.

Adding the final touches, a deep white colored peace set in. In the stillness of awareness, I could decide which to keep.

Some people and situations were prompted to lovingly swim away in the teal “waters”, while added white tiny dots on the violet forms signaled a joyful invitation for some to remain and add spark to the here and now.

I intend to continue to adventurously ponder on the created images as a source of joy, learning and discernment, to help me decide on the fate of the ones I was not ready to complete today.

You too can meditate and contemplate the events and situations in your life, especially if your past has made its presence known in your present. You can follow the link to purchase the original or blessed prints of Which Do I Keep right now. Do it!

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