OM by Lidia Kenig
OM by Lidia Kenig

There I was on this morning facing a white canvas and feeling quite contented when I spontaneously started chanting the Sanskrit syllable OM, what Lama Zopa Rinpoche calls “the divine light of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas”.

As I continued chanting, I reached out to a diluted fluorescent violet light acrylic paint in a jar, and spread it on the left and on the right of the surface, and immediately applied various sheets of cellophane paper as a textural element containing movement.

While waiting for the paint to dry under the cellophane, I continued spraying the same color, covering some areas with a sinuously shaped stencil and leaving the upper center white, which is the color of the syllable OM and representing the physical aspect of creation in the OM AH HUM triadic mantra.

You can see this in figure 1.

Fig. 1 beginning OM_LidiaKenig
Fig. 1 beginning OM

The second session that also began with the chanting of OM, included layering some red-orange and yellow on the lower half of the painting to simplify the theme and to allow a bright green path leading toward the white light to emerge. Yellow, red and green paint flew out of the jar and onto the canvas to the rhythms of a palette knife dancing with an almost dry sea sponge.

Once again I played with the stencils by applying them in their negative and positive forms, and limiting the shapes to just four dancing beings. As I contemplated their journey, I noticed that the closer they got to the light, the brighter and more solid they appeared. But as they moved away, their forms became more ethereal and made up of tightly arranged shimmering white dots.

It occurred to me that sometimes when I meditate or when I paint, I feel that I am close to the Source, the seed of creation from where all light emanates, and as I allow myself to let go of thoughts and concepts and ideas and just reach out to the paints, I am reaching to bits of lights. My hands too feel as if they are pure light and as I participate in the act of creating, my whole being becomes light and I can take this luminosity anywhere. It is like I became light itself.

It is like I am dancing with God

In figure 2, you can see that I refined the path and brought the golden light to shine on it, adding pearly white acrylic paint on the white bubble above and spilling it on to the green carpet.

Second session of OM by Lidia Kenig
Figure 2 _Lidia Kenig

On the final day, again chanting OM, I decidedly painted the Sanskrit symbol in Tibetan script in the middle of the four dancing figures. It is created out of tiny white shiny dots spreading out and transforming into bigger and bigger circles of light implying that this light has the power to create anything.

OM as it is being used since about 600 BCE by the rishis, the Ancient Indian sages to whom the Gods revealed the Vedas; the knowledge of the eternal truths about the Creator and the ways to pass this knowledge on to others, represents the primal vibration out of which all things came forth and into which all things will be absorbed at the end of the cosmic cycle. Om is the first manifestation from Shiva-Shakti in the form of sound consciousness and it is the quintessence of the universe. It is the highest expression of consciousness.

Today I painted the power to create everything! You too can experience it by going to OM and purchasing it now!

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