HUM by Lidia Kenig
HUM by Lidia Kenig

A cold, wet and generally gloomy morning invited me to linger on the meditation cushion, embracing the doubts and confusion mirrored on the raindrops creating puddles in the street.

Still not liking myself too much, I began chanting OM AH HUM and as I visualized the radiant syllables of this powerful purification mantra, I felt the urge to move into the studio to paint my meditation.

At first I glanced at my last week’s painting, OM hanging nearby, and contemplated it thoughtfully. Then I reached out for the Naphtol Red acrylic to paint the AH syllable on the surface, but I soon surrendered to the alluring depth of an Anthraquinone Blue.

The wide brush glided easily on the canvas, aided by just the right amount of medium while inviting random sprays of teal paint to softly stain parts of the magnificent blueness.

I smiled as I heard myself silently chant the HUM syllable and physically felt my heart expanding.

In the cool and calm blues, I recognized the immense wisdom of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas purifying my heart-mind and dissolving narrow thinking patterns and the obsessive stories playing in my ego-mind.

A simple blue wash was pierced by alcohol sprays to uncover the light behind the clouds and brighten the landscape, while playful white shapes appeared clustered in the center.  The white shapes represent the radiant light of OM coming down to release body tensions and dissolve attachments to the old mind constructs that created the gloominess.

The bright red of AH, punctuated by metal flecks, shines it radiance on our patterns of speech, purifying it and allowing it come forth and nestle amidst OM’s white luminosity. It reflects upwards and sideways dispelling incorrect perceptions and conceptions within our physical being. The blue syllable HUM, written in Tibetan script, cleanses the heart-mind and supports and seals the balancing system with clarity and strength.

As I beheld the images and colors in the art, I experienced pure blissfulness; my body was at peace, my heart was full and my mind was joyful.

Reflecting on the intense experience of transformation I was able to paint, I am grateful for the keen awareness generated, which culminated in feeling awash in the great loving-kindness I was later able to share through my interactions with friends and family.

What I find is that painting helps me to control my mind and it makes it easier to corral the unfocused and random thoughts that create the gloominess that at times rains within.

It also opens the way for the natural wisdom to arise.

When I paint, I experience an intense awareness of my consciousness because I am undistracted and deeply connected to the medium, the paint and the tools. Moreover, the sheer pleasure inherent in the act of creating, plants seeds of loving kindness that are nourished by the potent fertilizer of self-compassion. I am patient, I am present and don’t future walk nor past trip.

The practice easily spills into the rest of my life

The entire process of creating is deeply etched on the canvas, causing it to vibrate with the same energy it was conceived and birthed. It is a way of paying it forward; I create in bliss and wherever the art hangs, it henceforth offers constant bliss to those who behold it.

All of my collectors have reported experiencing a particularly beneficial feeling in the art that they own.

May you also experience the blissfulness, heart-opening and purifying energy embedded in this art, by purchasing the original or well-priced prints. Bring HUM into your life and use it as a tool of spiritual healing and growth, or simply take advantage of its radiant aesthetic beauty, silently and assuredly casting purification and blissfulness where it is installed.

Follow the HUM!

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