She is Learning to Live Forever

Chantal Door Protector by Lidia Kenig
Chantal Door Protector by Lidia Kenig


In Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom writes that on the fourth Tuesday of their weekly meetings, he asked Morrie about the best ways one can prepare for death. Morrie, responding with an aphorism based on Mahatma Gandhi’s “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”, said that every day, one must ask the bird on his shoulder if that day is the day he will die.

In Morrie’s case, the “bird” keeps him aware that death may come at any moment, and allows him to accept and live fully, knowing that his mortality is fast approaching. However he adds, the bird is always on everyone’s shoulder, despite how young or old we may be, therefore…

one must know how to die before one can know how to live

The newest door protector was commissioned by a well-traveled and highly trained Reiki Master in her late-sixties, dedicated to facilitate personal healing for over 40 years. Living and teaching the philosophy of holistic thinking and acting, this woman had recently become keenly aware of the “bird on her shoulder”.

Diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, this conscious healer knew that she is the healed as well as the healer. Embracing her oneness, she did not name cancer as bad and non-cancer as good. She understood that these dualities are judgments that create inner conflict and are not conducive to wholeness, even if she were to physically die tomorrow.

This beautiful being called Chantal, undertook healing partaking of both Eastern and Western medicinal practices. She makes conscious choices that at every turn are based on maintaining the quality of her life. Naturally, she ordered a door protector because “it could only add to her reservoir of learning to live forever”.

In deep meditation I prepared to create her sacred art, when the image of an antelope appeared. The Antelope embodies the spirit of Right Action, one of Buddhism’s Eightfold Path to wholeness. In this case, it guided me to create symbols that invite wisdom and afford the clarity to take proper action.

The piece is segmented from bottom to top. The bottom portion of the art portrays clean, azure-colored waterways symbolizing wisdom, meandering toward a large Seraphinite polished stone. We can see shiny pinwheels within the water, depicting easy movement offering bright possibilities. As the clean and cool water seeks to dispel the heat peppered with karmic gifts, it encounters a faceted crystal, as if to enable Chantal to understand the many facets of the lessons within the heat, or dis-ease.

Seraphinite is a crystal named after the Seraphim, considered to be in the highest realm of both Christian and Jewish angelic hierarchy. In metaphysical knowledge, it is known to promote cell regeneration and self-healing.   It has silvery white patterns shimmering on a sea green background and carries vibrations of the divine feminine, helping restore balance, connecting the physical with the angelic realm and encouraging living from the heart.

In the painting, if we follow the trail of the stone spreading its energy from left to right, we encounter a ruby crystal. Rubies transform negativity into positive energy, increase vitality, strengthen the immune system and summon creativity.

Just below the ruby, the Wish Fulfilling Mantra begins spinning its powerful vibrational field to ease the transition from pain into full understanding and total healing. Further to the right we can discern a proud and peaceful dove and a black tourmaline. The striated crystal also called Schorl is known to protect against smog, radiation, and all kinds of negative energy. It is connected to the base chakra, helping people to stay grounded and to disperse tension and stress.

Just below and to the right of the tourmaline, we can see two blue birds seating by a stream, promoting physical love and the strengthening of family bonds. As the mantra winds its way up toward a bright sky, happy water fountains appear, along with five butterflies that are filled with the pure light of rebirth and contain all the energies in the universe. Butterflies imply total transformation, and the five energies are symbols for love, abundance, happiness, family and health.

Overall, this door protector aims to help its owner embrace all the lessons that her present physical, emotional and mental situation has brought forth. It portrays the levels in the journey from pain to rebalance that she and her family can move through, by transforming and releasing karmic burdens yet accepting the certainty of death. The art beckons everyone to fully appreciate the value of what they have here on earth, for the limited time we all have and use every moment of such time to plant beautiful seeds of love, light and gratefulness. The painting, conceived in pure love, wishes that when the “bird” sings it last note on earth, those who are ready to go will carry their unique song forever on to their next form.

True to Chantal’s life path, this door protector is to be made available as blessed giclee archival prints or embellished and ready to hang blessed wrapped canvas prints. Go to Chantal’s Door Protector to order one today and fill your home with its powerful blessings.


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