A Door Protector to Heal a Family

SB Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher
SB Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The client who ordered this door protector told me that she came to my Open Studio exhibit this past April “as if divinely guided”. She does not reside in the neighborhood, or anywhere close by, and where I was holding the exhibit, was not an area that she frequents. Yet her eye caught the sign leading to my studio on a lawn and she felt compelled to follow it.

It didn’t take us long to connect at a deep level, and she was able to share some very personal events that threatened to destroy her immediate and extended family in the aftermath of her father’s recent death. The more she confided in me, the more the plot thickened. Soon her eyes fell on some of the reproductions of the sacred art I call door protectors, and she knew she must have an original for her home.

Stephanie was born in Germany and that is the scene where most of the extended family drama is unfolding, but there is plenty of it locally. A difficult divorce, confusion about her career and the management of 3 teenagers and a home had left this warm, soft and caring woman physically and energetically depleted. She felt unsupported, yet she did not want to preserve the role of a servant, a situation that she seemed to easily fall into with everyone.

What showed up as I started working on the piece, was the confusion and the hurt I felt coming from the client and her deep sense of responsibility toward everyone’s well-being, except her own. A forested background laced with gray dead branches sits against a stormy sky. We are not sure if it is morning or afternoon. It may be raining, or snowing…

Suddenly, soft sinuous rose colored flames appeared and blanketed the entire foreground. Could it be Love providing powerful new lenses through which to look at life? The rich texture of red enameled dots, forces us to stop and notice our inability to continue wallowing in our powerlessness. The strong red bespeaks of resilience and offer the fuel for transformation.

The Wish Fulfilling Mantra dances amidst the flames of Unconditional Love and a Snowflake Obsidian crystal wrapped in gold reminds Stephanie that she is receiving the highest forms of protection, no matter what comes.

Chrysanthemum blossoms with Pyrite crystals at their center lazily flow around Love’s flames. Mums signify a life of ease in Chinese folklore, and Buddhists practitioners are fond of using this flower as offerings on altars, as these flowers symbolize the powerful yang energy that attracts good luck to the home or the space where they reside.

Pyrites are protective stones known to block and deflect negativity from various sources. Their strong yang male energy beckons the user to feel empowered to make good decisions and to summon the courage to overcome feelings of inadequacy and inertia. Also known as “fool’s gold”, they are little abundance magnets!

The art was installed a little over two weeks ago and some powerful energy is surely shifting within Stephanie and her family, here and abroad. The seemingly negative occurrences in Europe appear to be more intense, and the local situation seems to be sapping her strength. I had to gently remind her today that there must be some breakdowns before we see breakthroughs, but that in any case, her sacred art has deep connections to Spirit, and thus she is fully guided and thoroughly protected, as has been the experience of those who have lived longer with their sacred art.

To heal a family takes patience, love, compassion, acceptance and trust. The door protector provides a neutral healing zone where we can exercise these helpful qualities by first practicing the traits with ourselves. In time we uncover our inner light, always emitting a strong, bright and smokeless flame, and then we know that we must shine it on. We cannot help anyone see their own light, nor acknowledge ours. But in healing ourselves, we create the possibility for others to heal. That is the breakthrough.

Prints are available to help you get started in healing yourself and your family! Go to Stephanie’s Door Protector.


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