A Well-Built Hut

Burak Door Protector by Lidia Kenig
Burak Door Protector by Lidia Kenig

This door protector was commissioned by a warm, caring and loving couple, parents to two teenagers. The art installed above their front door, on the inside was imbued with wishes for good health, peace, grace, success, abundance, ease and kindness for everyone in the family and to likewise affect all who pass under it.

The Wish Fulfilling Mantra, also called the Wish Granting Wheel Mantra prominently featured in the art, is an important tool for reaching enlightenment in the Buddhist Mahayana tradition, of which Tibetan and Zen practices are a part of. Mahayana Buddhism is rooted in the basic teachings of the historical Buddha, and emphasizes the individual search for liberation from the cycle of samsara (birth, death, rebirth…). While Zen Buddhism tends to focus on meditation to bring out the essential Buddha nature, Tibetan Buddhism relies on rituals, and initiations centered on mantras, yogic techniques and meditations, with the ultimate goal of becoming a conduit for the divine to establish heaven on earth and achieve liberation for all.

This is the mission of the Bodhisattvas; human beings committed to the attainment of enlightenment for the sake of others.

Yearning to be of such service I faced the daunting task, furnished with pure motives and visual arts skills. I added my long and fruitful Feng Shui consultancy and interior design talent, and all paved the way to help homeowners and businesses create well-built physical environments conducive to optimal growth.

These environments are quite successful. They earn more money, have less employee turnover; people love their homes and all enjoy going to work. But those who display my artwork seem to be even happier and more satisfied.

About five years ago I was unable to readily travel to assist a client with a difficult home and business situation. Meditating on ways I could help her sooner, the Wish Fulfilling Mantra, hanging above my door, appeared as the divine solution I proposed.

I was privileged to be given this mantra by Geshe Tsulga-Ven. Tsultrim Chophel, when he was the resident teacher at Kurukulla Center in Medford, MA, and during a teaching on “building a powerful hut”. It was then that I understood the value of using all my life experiences to grow character, discipline, acceptance, non-attachment, loving-kindness, respect for all life, and joy, as a prerequisite to have all my wishes fulfilled.

OM PAD MO USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT, written in Tibetan as in this and all the sacred art I call door protectors, is a powerful set of ancient syllables, believed to have been taught by the Buddha Shakyamuni in the “The Sutra of Hut Construction” which, besides containing general instructions on how to build meditative virtues to construct a well-built inner house, it gives the explicit direction to place this mantra over the doorway, so that all who walk under it may be blessed.

The esoteric knowledge surrounding the mantra appears to have been lost, yet the exoteric teaching still remains. Lama Zopa, Rinpoche considers it one of the “five great mantras” and recites it while visualizing its energy pattern, to grant enormous blessings for purifying water, healing negative karma and ensuring auspicious rebirths. He says that “anyone who goes under this mantra gets one thousand eons of negative karma purified… the whole family [will] have long life, health and prosperity…all wishes will be fulfilled according to the Holy Dharma.”

That first client had indeed all her wishes fulfilled, and many others, including me, experienced amazing results since that fateful day. Their stories are told in several blog posts since 2014, when I began to collect testimonials- see Door Protector Stories

The mantra is inscribed above a rising sun, in the art installed a month ago and crowned by a Selenite crystal. Lotus blossoms containing additional Selenites, instill the piece with a conduit of connection to our higher selves. The Azurite crystal in the bottom center is placed to assist everyone in making insightful decisions and for noticing truthfulness in their interactions. Everywhere there are symbols of transformation, joy, and ease within the waters of self-reflection propelled by a sense of adventure to find the jewels of learning from life’s difficulties.

This art will support each family member as they build a strong inner house. The visual symbols will continually broadcast powerful signals for the best way to do it.

Why call the art Door Protectors? Because they protect and benefit all who come through the threshold of a well-built hut! Order yours here.


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