The Fool Is a Magnificently Divine Soul

The Fool by Lidia Kenig (c)
The Fool by Lidia Kenig (c)

What gets you up in the morning? What do you dream of when you are laying on the beach looking out into the vast ocean? Where does your mind go on a sunny afternoon lounging on the lawn chaise?

I awoke this past Saturday in a state of ecstasy. At such an early hour, I felt drunk with happiness!

A tune I recognized began to float from within and I joyfully joined the chorus. Singing at the top of my lungs, my chest expanded to take in the sounds while the inspiring lyrics prompted me to a dance that landed me in the art studio.

Exhausted after the painting session, I moved to the garden and slid into the lawn chaise smiling.

I felt like a fool.

My mind drifted to what has been showing up in the past year and like a movie, I saw my life unfolding frame by frame as a purple ocean I could easily walk on. The path was strewn with gentle ripples and as I learned to face my fears, and spend my time doing what I love and what gives joy to others, I saw some huge waves, but I walked on.

Trusting that adventures lay ahead, I braved some stormy seas, because in my heart, I knew I was on the right path co-creating with Spirit.

Frame by frame, I saw my art going into homes and businesses and rejoiced at what I heard. I looked into my classes noticing my students’ growth and I was grateful.

I smiled. I am a fool yet, I am not foolish.

The 30” x 30” x .75”, mixed media acrylic-based painting is called The Fool, because when I awoke the next morning and meditated on what I had co-created, I understood that the images and symbols were those that were present in my lawn chair’s daydreaming.

The painting depicts a constantly unfolding reality grounded on trust in one’s inner purpose and aligned with Divine Purpose. The images within the art place the focus on the unseen forces that are able to guide us through the bumps and boulders, and the high waves of a rough sea.

Because we embrace these forces as the allies that they are, they become the most powerful helpers we can summon.

When we trust these forces by listening deeply to the voice in our hearts, our dreams magically unfold.

In my experience, the ingredients in creating magic are:

• Abiding in gratefulness
• Practicing self-compassion by accepting fears as a mind construct, albeit nightmarish at times
• Trusting the voice of our hearts as being our authentic voice
• Heeding its counsel through diligent practice
• Allowing mental space in our lives for dreams to blossom
• Exercising absolute reliance that the unseen but not unheard forces are always ready to steadily guide the wind in our sails.
• Accepting ourselves as magnificent divine souls in a divinely inhabited universe
• Acknowledging that Spirit can only create through us
• Creating in every aspect of our lives

My belief in my right to create and in my duty to somehow make it available to others is what gets me up in the morning.

As a magnificent soul, I paint from my heart and teach others to express themselves pictorially.

I create magic.

My actions create pockets of goodness bursting out into the world at a time when dark forces attempt to grab a firm hold on our consciousness.

You too be a fool, create magic and expand goodness.

Heed the voice in your heart with diligence and alertness, be grateful for everything, trusting that benevolent unseen forces will raise you up to help you walk on stormy seas and summon that strength to be more than you ever thought you could be (*)

The art is an unseen force ready to help you. It is available at THE FOOL.

(*)The preceding paragraph was paraphrased from lyrics of You Raise Me Up, by Brendan Graham, music by Rolf Lovland, and made super famous by Josh Groban’s 2003 Grammy Award. It is the tune I was hearing in my mind upon waking last Saturday.


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