A Personal Guide to Enlightenment

Begonia Door Protector by Lidia Kenig
Begonia Door Protector by Lidia Kenig (c) 2016

When the single mother of two ordered the Door Protector featured above, she was experiencing unexpected turmoil posed by an ex-husband’s unethical actions that resulted in emotional and physical trauma to their children.

Within a week of ordering the art, the then fluid situation took a negative sharp turn yet; she was able to access timely advice conferring her with the clarity to put into motion beneficial changes. Later on, a few days after the door protector was installed, she stated that everyone in the household could feel a positive change.

My client’s situation in many ways mirrors the ethical dilemmas now abounding in the world and that in the United States are compounded by a presidential election cycle. Like my client, many people are feeling confused, fearful, polarized, and without concrete tools to make decisions that are clear and beneficial to all.

Could the sacred art I call Door Protector provide such a tool backed by a reassuring message?

Countless people owning them feel that after installing the art, they could carry on a more balanced life where wishes can be formulated with the possibility of them being fulfilled.

What makes this art vibrate with such power?

OM PADMO USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT is the Tantric Buddhist mantra written in Tibetan at the center of the art. The 12 syllables known as the Wish-Fulfilling Mantra or the Wish-Granting Jewel Mantra are said to have been taught by the historical Buddha Shakyamuni during a talk known as the Sutra of Hut Construction. The mantra is also named in a Tantric text titled the Ksitigarbha Sutra.

Ksitigarbha statue

Ksitigarbha is one of the most important Bodhisattvas in the Buddhist iconography. She or he, depending on the particular emanation, was tasked by Shakyamuni himself to help celestial teachers in the in-between period from the time of his passing and until the arrival of the Buddha Maitreya who was to teach the entire universe about the truth of compassion.

Bodhisattvas, not unlike angels, spend a long time liberating beings who are undergoing suffering, before making a decision to become Buddhas (fully enlightened beings), or to continue their work among us. Ksitigarbha, deciding on the later path, developed such strong inner light that in her presence, people became free of suffering on the spot. She was thus said to possess the Wish Granting Jewel that swiftly awakens all sentient beings to their true nature, embody the Buddha’s teachings and go on to make the world a better place. The jewel is the mantra, and it is usually artistically depicted as the bright sphere resting on the deity’s open left hand.

Such is the purpose of the Tibetan script heading all the door protectors. It is the Jewel that grants whoever sees, says, touches or passes under it the gift of awakening.  The Jewel’s power is reinforced by crystals and symbols that are specific to the owners, their situation and their karmic path in this lifetime. These have been intuited by me in the process of creating the art while chanting the mantra.

The art thus silently and powerfully broadcasts the wisdom of understanding and the power of thought.  It beckons us to behave ethically by speaking of ourselves and to others with kindness and compassion and to act likewise in the world.  It exhorts us to engage in work that supports the family, and respects the environment, and all sentient beings. It asks that we apply the self-discipline and effort necessary to follow these precepts and be the best that we can be, by engaging mindfully with the world, practicing presence, meditation and reliance on the heart-mind to guide our lives.

One client suggested that “hanging a door protector in a home or business is like living with a personal guide to enlightenment. The art and the personalized explanation of symbols you provide, confers a richness and beauty unequaled by any other art or tool” Won’t you order yours today?

Go to Begonia Door Protector and feel better immediately!


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