An Experience

On the Road by Lidia Kenig (c)
On the Road by Lidia Kenig (c)

At the tail end of a wonderful vacation I stopped by an old trading post now closed to stretch my weary driving body, and lo and behold, a fantastic panorama unfolded before my eyes.

I had to catch my breath as I slowly focused on the view while joyously slapping myself at my good fortune.

Knowing how quickly the light changes, I started breathing slowly and deeply, while my soles were firmly planted in the earth on the summit of Spirit Mountain, along the Mohawk trail in Western Massachusetts.

Fully taking in the fantastic array of colors and textures, my eyes traveled slowly from the ferns just below me, carefully discerning their infinite variety of greens, oranges, yellows and reds, to the soft mossy carpet covering the rolling hills below, until I caught sight of the rotund evergreens displaying awesome blue and deep green tones, accented in just the right places by a luscious magenta.

Yet nothing prepared me for the beautiful purples, violets, orange reds and pinks dotting Mount Greylock and the rest of the marvelous Berkshire mountain range in the background.

Seeing the sky canopy taking on a soft lavender hue I realized that this moment just before twilight was precious.

I could hear my heart humming a happy tune and I moved to capture the experience on camera.

As I write, I smile at the magical landscape in the photo; for I am reliving the expansiveness I felt in that moment in time. I remember the smell of the earth, the moist heat of that late afternoon and the silence, inner and outer that allowed me to be present for the tiniest spec of texture, color and form to embed itself in my heart-mind filling it to overflow.

That experience cannot be duplicated, not even if I were to paint it on a canvas, for experience dwells in the present moment, not in striving to make anything happen.

Experience cannot be premeditated or recreated.

It is in the fertile ground of alertness that an event unfolds bringing forth the awareness of that moment’s perfection.

The most beautiful thing we can do, is to joyously slap ourselves at the good fortune of having had such perfection and move on continuing to dwell in the present moment, fully alert, not striving, not longing, just being and then…

A fantastic new panorama unfolds before our eyes.

Art that comes from the heart is an experience based on being fully present, delighted in the colors, textures, shapes, light, and darkness and with all our senses in a state of peaceful alertness,  not preoccupied with other times and other spaces.

In the act of creation we experience our perfection and are in balance with the perfection in all things.

In such magical moments, we are the creator and creation itself. We are God and God is in us.

It is in such moments that a pure, clear and bright light emanates from our center and envelops us and all we touch and then…

A fantastic new panorama unfolds before our eyes.

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