Traveling to Find the Place Where Everything is Possible

Traveling by Lidia Kenig Scher
Traveling by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

Finding the place inside me where everything is possible is how this journey started.

Living my truth and having the courage to move forward on the momentum I created was the intention.

Shattering old patterns and limitations that have kept me from flying in the direction of my path was a goal.

Keeping a close watch on the mind and harnessing ego’s power to steer my life by the heart-mind was my resolution.

Teaching by example, giving and allowing unconditional love, embracing the abundance of what I have and who I am.

Sharing my skills and talents with compassion and kindness,

Practicing forgiveness on myself and toward others and consciously accepting every experience as part of my spiritual evolution and as an act of grace,

These intentions were the road map by which I created this work.

As I painted, I traveled through my life luckily noticing that the final destination determines neither my happiness nor the quality of my life.

But when I asked myself what would happen after I reached that place in life where I had everything I dreamed, another question popped:

what happens then?

The answers came in the act of creating:  to reinforce the treasures found in the joy of traveling.

The rhythmic, yet distinct movement of the red shapes in the art reminded me that growth occurs when I see every step on the journey with the clarity that arise from presence. The painting portrays, with its many colored layers and whimsy, the power of pondering the obstacles and skillfully integrating them into my life with a sense of wonderment.

The central figure with multiple heads looking in many directions, moving upwards and dragging a heavy load helped me recall times when I made myself miserable moving from self-help books to gurus, teachers, coaches, therapists and to religion to find my purpose and soothe my pain.

Yes, in my previous travels I exhaustedly swam mostly against the current until like in the painting, I noticed the light.

Then I lacked the understanding that my only purpose was to manifest that light, which is always emanating from within and is always available to me…if I look inwards instead of outwards.

This time I am traveling quite aware of where my light resides, it makes for a rewarding journey and it changes my vibrational field.

The explosions of pure light we see in the painting are there to shatter old patterns and limitations I may still carry. Electrical showers transform my load and move me forward to rejoice in the company of the other road warriors. As our vibrations rhythmically join in a sacred dance, we all become aware that we, along with everything in the universe, are actually fields of consciousness.

This is the moment when we humans understand our crucial role in the spiritualization of matter and bring about positive changes in the world’s frequencies. We take on our power to alchemically bring the vibration of matter into alignment with Spirit’s vibration. This, my dear readers is the place inside of us where everything is possible!

Traveling is a 30” x 30” mixed media painting on wrapped canvas that can teach you about your journey and of ways in which you can begin to… “Be a light unto yourself” to positively affect the world, as Gautama Buddha taught.

The art is so bright, that will lighten and energize any wall where it hangs, while its whimsical travelers will make you smile every time you pass by, thus joyfully altering the energy of the space where it lives. Original and very well-priced embellished prints are available at,
Traveling/New Work

Have a great week finding your light and post your comments and questions as they are always appreciated.


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