The Wave Always Dies

Arising Wisdom by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2016
Arising Wisdom by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2016

There is a sea over which waves come and go, but the sea remains the same. The waves are not separate from the sea, but the waves are not the sea. Waves are only forms born of the sea, just appearances which take form and die…The sea is unborn, the wave is taking birth. The sea never dies; the wave always dies. The moment the wave knows that it is the sea, it goes beyond the chain of life and death. But as long as the wave believes that it is a wave it is within the possibility of birth and death”  Osho- Dimensions Beyond the Known, Chapter 2

In a week where many thought they lost their minds, I had to remind myself that life is a field of potentiality and that what is occurring in our world are just appearances which take form and eventually die.

This artwork started out as a demonstration on techniques for creating with alcohol paints on a surface called Yupo. Given the relative lack of control over the media, it is rather easy to see now that continuing to work on the piece over the next few days was a good choice. It mirrored the volatility and emotional content of what was happening around me.

Working with the colors and accepting the quickly changing nature of the inks every time I added an item, I ended painted a turbulent ocean, as in a Tsunami and topped it with both the sun and the moon, as in an eclipse.

Fire and water.

While eclipses are catalysts for change, they also provide portals of choice.

Tsunamis are ocean waves triggered by powerful undersea earthquakes. They bring about deep cleansing to the land, catching and forcefully moving everything in its path.

Both forecast lasting change.

Both eclipses and Tsunamis are natural occurrences.

Like the land, we sometimes need to create powerful internal earthquakes and will profit from deep cleansing.

Eventually the land and the water settle, the wind subsides and the sun provides nourishment to build anew.

It is hard for us humans to comprehend the magnitude of what we see and cannot control, because much like witnessing a huge wave, we can only glimpse the surface of the water.

In the end all storms bring goodness, both human and ecological because we work with what is instead of trying to change the storms’ course.

It is worth remembering that water is always moving seeking the low ground. When the land is high the flow is fast. As the terrain comes closer to the valleys, it becomes a nourishing gentle flow.

In these troubling and confusing times, we must remember that we are the ocean, and so is the wave.

When we begin to see the wave as indestructible, we create and unnatural Tsunami.

The sea never dies; the wave always dies!

Catch the wave of Arising Wisdom here!

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