Filled with Possibility

Filled with Possibility by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2016
Filled with Possibility by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2016

I knew the moment I looked at this painting that the turmoil laced with uncertainty that I felt around me, in the country and in the world at large mimicked my own. No matter what media or what social situations I found myself in, they all managed to bring out a similar theme: fear.

Fear is evident in the collective when as a country, we find ourselves deeply divided in the way in which we perceive our role in society. One side looks in utter disbelief at how the other side feels and does not see a way to compromise.

The side appearing as the outcast expresses their wounds by complaining, and finding all means of proving the other wrong. The winning side celebrates victory by mocking the losers and showcasing their new-found power.

But we all carry our wounds, and in reality, neither faction is interested in hurting the other. Each group is simply safeguarding their own wounds and on alert to keep the other group from inflicting pain.


In this painting a turbulent bloody river caused by warring energies, moves sinuously to and fro in an attempt to affect and eventually transform the real fear; seeing the other as the enemy.

The ensuing devastation forces each faction to look at the other and see that the wounds are similar, and that the uncertainly that gave rise to fear is a shared experience.

 We come to see that by denying our inter-beingness, each side is equally affected.

A breakdown leads to surrender and in its aftermath, the quiet that follows enables our collective witnessing consciousness to arise.

A breakdown is filled with possibility. We can no longer run our present experience through the filters of our past. We begin to realize that there is neither good nor bad, but rather “two octaves of the same frequency” (Naisha Ahsian)

We see that each group possesses transformative powers.

And then there is a breakthrough.

We learn to look at the others in the eye and learn of their struggles. We hold another person in our arms and feel our hearts beating in unison. We hear the former enemy and realize that we BOTH allowed our collective ego to run amok.

The breakthrough is caused by a shift in consciousness whereby we do not blame others for our misfortune. Instead we hold each other accountable with kindness and compassion.

We ask for help when we are weak and we teach others to fish when they are hungry.

We ask for forgiveness and forgive ourselves for our incorrect perceptions.

Together we decide to own our interdependence and hold space for each other’s karmic path.

We look at our shared journey filled with love and light.

Breakdowns are filled with possibility!

This alcohol inks on Yupo paper painting helped me to look deeply within and see where I was feeling fearful and held others responsible for my pain. I too had a bloody breakdown, a much needed one, but in the stormy waters I saw possibility reflected and surrendered.

Instead of telling myself a story that inflicted misery, I became a witness to what was happening, saw the other’s fear matching my own and felt compassion for both.

Healing my pain and forgiving is a breakthrough: We are both healed.

We can all change turmoil and uncertainty in the world by looking deeply, finding our own, accepting the coming breakdown and like me, allow the art to help you see that it is Filled with Possibility. Get it here now!

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