A Grateful Heart Does Alter the Land


The Grateful Heart Alters the Land by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Grateful Heart Alters the Land by Lidia Kenig Scher

A beautiful crystal heart hangs in front of my bedroom window. As it is a North window, the sun rarely pierces its prismatic facets, but I love knowing it is there bathed in its own brilliance. One cold autumn morning, after meditating on the Heart Sutra, one of Buddhism’s most revered scriptures, I noticed the crystal looking brighter than ever. It seemed to beckon me to the window.  I took it in my hands and looked through it at the landscape below.

I felt my chest expanding as I saw the Buddha statue peacefully presiding over the garden fully dressed in late fall colors.

I knew it was cloudy, yet somehow there was gold everywhere. As early snowflakes began falling, they seemed to simply glisten. The tree branches provided a magnificent contrast to the dance I was witnessing. I took my camera and with a great deal of difficulty I captured what my heart and my eyes were seeing and turned a print into the 14” x 10” mixed media on paper that I call The Grateful Heart Alters The Land.

In the studio, I added more crystals, pearls, gold thread, gold leaf and iridescent paint to put on paper what I knew was happening in my garden. As I completed the piece, chanting the Heart Calming Mantra which is at the heart-no pun intended of the sutra, I understood that when we feel, act and see from the heart center, it alters our perception to such a degree that we can no longer see anything but gratefulness, joy, peace and infinite love everywhere.

Over the years I had guests gracing my garden who swear to have seen fairies lurking about joyously. They wonder…I know!

Gate, Gate, Para Gate, Para Sam Gate…Bodhi Svaha is the chant, loosely translated as gone, gone beyond, utterly beyond, toward enlightenment.  The original painting sold a while back, but you may purchase cards and easily frame them in a 5″ x 7″ frame and/or share them as greeting cards. They are available with or without the holiday message.

 “In this Season of Joy…Become the Change you Dream…Be the Light Unto the Path of Those who Need it…Fuel Your Light with a Grateful Heart…For All You Have, and…Create Heaven on Earth…Celebrate with Us!”

4 thoughts on “A Grateful Heart Does Alter the Land

    1. So happy you enjoy reading my posts. I believe that if we could funnel seeing, thinking and feeling through the Heart-Mind, we would actually be great! It needs practice, though

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