A Year Ends Filled with Blessings

Winterland Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
Winterland Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher

This door protector was created for a winter vacation cabin in the woods in upstate New York a few years back  The client commissioned it because the dwelling was constantly exposed to vandalism and squatters. No more!

Since 2013, there have been no incidents reported, not even signs of rodents or other non-human creatures. The clients were so grateful that this year they purchased 3 prints to give as gifts to their friends.

They wrote that as they prepared for their last visit of 2016, sharing their good luck with others and expressing their appreciation for me would be a good way to end the year. Thus, I saw fitting to make this my last post for the year!

As I end a year filled with blessings, I will retreat, cleanse and enjoy the quiet of the snow and the warmth of friend’s fires without any technology or a to do list. I will take a mind vacation!

And so I wish you a good mind vacation.

May 2017 be a marker for forgiving yourself and others and accepting the past just as it was, and for the lessons you learned from it.

See it as a year filled with blessings…It was, really.

In this new year, pledge to dwell more often in the present moment, and make this date be the beginning of becoming more authentic, more loving, kinder and more compassionate toward yourself and those around you.

This attitude may not change the entire world, but it will change you and your surroundings, and that in turn, will change the world.

Join me in expecting to have a very happy year in 2017!!!


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