It is About Hearing the Heart’s Song

The Heart's Song by Lidia Kenig-Scher
The Heart’s Song by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Working on a technique I wanted to teach at one of my Full Day Painting Retreats, this brightly colored acrylic painting seemed to magically appear on the canvas. As it was intended for the morning exercise, I allotted 3 hours and when the bell rang, it was as if I awakened from a dream.

I felt grateful for giving myself the time and the place to create.

The technique involves selecting three colors plus white and a dark neutral hue, a wide brush, water, a palette knife and a wide straight edge, plus a sponge and three small water buckets.

Paint goes directly on the canvas and it is then moved about and manipulated by the other elements in an apparently random fashion. Actually, if you are able to connect with your heart and trust its voice what comes out is not random at all.

When we quiet the mind chatter and ground the root chakra as in meditation,  we feel the pull of the earth. This connection unleashes the full power of the second chakra, the creative energy, and through its effervescence we begin to align the will chakra with the will of the Universe.

The heart chakra now receives the necessary fuel to put forth unconditional love and clears the throat chakra. As our real voice begins to emerge we are able to unleash our intuitive powers and gain new information through an activated third eye.

As we move energy through the chakras, we allow divine love as light to overflow through the portal of the seventh chakra. And it is at this moment that the heart and second chakras energies merge and easily flow into our hands.

I call Painting from the Heart what we are able to create in this state of connection to all. It is the approach I use in my art classes where I encourage people to become child-like again and play with art materials as if they were in a sand-box.

The joy we feel and what we allow to come forth on the canvas is our authentic voice. What we create only we can create, and without it, this world and the rest of us will be impoverished.

Gratitude engenders love and begets joy. So this painting is called The Heart’s Song. It is about celebrating life, the coming of Spring, Valentine’s Day and an expression of exuberance and abundance at all levels.

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