The Power to Live a Meaningful Life

Robin Sa Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Robin Sa Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

A full moon lights up the Wish Granting Jewel Mantra spreading gifts of luminous wisdom on an azure sky and scattering new seeds of growth on fertile rolling hills. A raw aquamarine set on a round mirror helps to wash away past hurts with love, understanding and kindness. As the moon recedes in the horizon, it invites a new day to begin.

Brightly colored flowers face forward unabashedly, indicating that spring has sprung on the land.  Some blossoms beam out Lapiz Lazuli chips from their center. A powerful crystal ally of manifestation, Lapiz is associated with royalty, and encourages self-knowledge, truth-speaking and a strong connection with Source.

The copper hills in the foreground promise easy, luxurious and abundant travel to exotic places.

Indeed the owner of this door protector wishes for abundance at all levels, wants to live a meaningful life, sharing her gifts with others, especially about helping people hone in on what gives them joy and making that joy available to the world.  She also wants to have a satisfying relationship with her family, her friends and with her partner, and experience travel for fun, work and spiritual nourishment.

In her initial request, Robin stated that she felt intimately connected with Divine Spirit and was completely open for surprising ways in which her wishes would manifest. She felt that ordering a Door Protector for her new home was in fact, the perfect ally to install as she began to nest.

It didn’t take long for this client to see results. Helpers to assist her in organizing her new place showed up, long-lost friends came for tea and marveled at the sweet energy of the home, while colleagues soon rushed to help her create ancillary materials to promote a new business model. Spending the winter in sunny Puerto Rico, Robin became a requested speaker, secured new clients and opened new ventures for additional work away from home. She also had two very romantic forays exploring exotic faraway places.

What success Robin experienced came about from how she views her door protector. She did not see it as an object that would help her realize her wishes from the outside. From the beginning, this client embraced the notion that what was created for her, actually came from her and could not have been painted without her. In other words, the art became a place where all her intentions are collected.

She embraced the wisdom embodied in the ancient Wish Granting Jewel Mantra to check her intentions as in a mirror. The Sanskrit syllables constantly emit stabilizing, positive reminders on cultivating the right attitude and conduct, walking the path of truth, compassion and right understanding and exerting good efforts, insisting on an unimpeachable livelihood and maintaining mindfulness as an outgrowth of a consistent meditative practice.

Above all, Robin sees her Door Protector as a tangible reminder of her intimate connection with Divine Spirit anchored in her heart. Armed with such intrinsic power, she is certain to live a meaningful life and have all her wishes be fulfilled.

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Robin Samora is a seasoned entrepreneur with decades of marketing, sales and advertising experience. She uses PR, social media and free publicity strategies – as well as Brand Ambassador marketing – to influence audiences, gain attention, build credibility and expert status. See more on



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