A Painting as a Master Bedroom Feng Shui Adjustment

Painting on Glass
Window Painting JDC_LidiaKenig


I was privileged to spend ten fabulous days in Carmel, California creating this painting directly on the glass pane, to serve as an energetic adjustment for a master bedroom window located above the master bed. Given the couple’s energies, stylized flowers, yellows, shrimpy rose, teal and a spark of violet were the colors I selected.

Windows above the bed indicate that while resting and recharging, the subtle body moves out of the home altogether, bringing about lack of clarity, poor decision-making skills and an inability to achieve intimacy.

To compound matters, said window is barely 3 feet away from the neighbors’ side entry. While it is always nice to have good friends next door, when we are too close to another house’s structure, our energies intermingle, or in common parlance, “we are too close for comfort”.  Our ability to decide how much we need to know from each other is greatly diminished. With this being a master bedroom, we may not want our next door friends to know us that intimately!

Finally, I had to consider the couple’s personal energies and use colors, shapes and textures that would balance conflicting elemental energetic areas.

Yellow, rose and orange carry earth energies that help the husband feel strong. The flowers’ tight peppery center and the pointy petals on the yellow flowers, along with the purple blossoms provide fire energy that is nourishing to him and calms the overabundance of water energy that surrounds the property and may deplete his stamina.

Teal colors and wavy lines represent gentle water energy to reinforce the wife’s needs, and the overabundance of white dots and white colored shapes support her with nourishing metal energy.

The room is painted white and beige; the perfect metal element colors to provide the bridging energy to support the couple’s unity. The flower motif provides the wood element to help the wife discharge some excess water energy and balance her personality.

While the window art provides a lovely barrier to keep the privacy, I added on the outside and behind the purple flowers three 2” convex mirrors that offer additional energetic distance from the neighboring house.

A concave mirror is bowl-like, it collects energy, and thus it neutralizes and absorbs negative energy passively without dispersing harmful energies. Concave mirrors encourage good chi to be continually attracted into the home. (*)

Both my client and I were happy with the results, and with the knowledge that above their heads was a beautiful and supportive painting promoting sound sleep, optimal intimacy and privacy and that it will constantly broadcast peace, growth and joy and provide much needed fuel for their lives outside the bedroom.

Murals and window paintings are created by commission only. If you need a Feng Shui analysis of your home, please check out the Feng Shui Page on the LidiaScherArt website.

(*) Please note that the Feng Shui cures I used in this project were for the particular issues this couple faced, and took into account their unique energetic combination. Additionally, the use of mirrors in the master bedroom, and in particular convex and concave mirrors anywhere in the home or office should be installed under the guidance of a Feng Shui expert.

Installed Art in Master Bedroom

4 thoughts on “A Painting as a Master Bedroom Feng Shui Adjustment

    1. Thank you Crispyday! It is a regular tempered glass window that could not be removed. I applied 2 coats of glass primer, Krylon Maxx Clear Gloss, and then I used layers of medium body acrylic paint mixed with glazing medium. For the dots I used a glass paint product called Gallery Glass available at Hobby Lobby and sealed the acrylic parts with Liquitex Pouring medium brushed on. Hope this is helpful!

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