The Arousing Symphony of Spring

Spring Symphony by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Spring Symphony by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Can you feel the excitement this painting conveys? The colors and textures bespeak of Spring, new growth, sunshine, and fun. Its vividness stimulates all the senses sweeping us in an arousing symphony that brings about pure joy and fills out hearts with love.

I created this mixed media painting on glass as a sample for the commissioned window I published the last week. Since I knew I could not remove the window to work horizontally, I had to use paint that adhered to glass, offered flow control, could withstand temperature fluctuations and resisted fading. I settled on acrylics mixed with mediums, seeking opacity and sheen after two layers of a glass primer.

As I did not want the entire window to be opaque, I added paint formulated for glass applications. The flow of these paints is easier to manage when applied in small batches to contained areas.  The dotted portions afforded me control and provided a colored glass effect that added luminosity during the daylight hours and reflected ambient light at night when the unpainted areas became black.

This sample is now available for purchase. The glass itself is 26” W x 10” H and it is framed to display on a window,  on a neutral wall or on any wall with the addition of white backing. It will brighten any room in need of Spring energy.

In fact, it is a perfect enhancement for the Family sector of a home or business. If you need to boost your family relationships, or your self-confidence, if you want grow your business, or have come up with a product you like to market, this artwork will enhance your efforts.

And if you experienced freak accidents recently, your staff is squabbling or your eldest son is giving you the business, this artwork is for you. If you have achy feet or liver problems, if your social life is dull, and if you are facing lifestyle conflicts with neighbors and acquaintances, this artwork will help you focus on the issues and find a solution.

The art and science of Feng Shui identifies the Family Sector, and the number 3 in the energetic grid called the Bagua as representing Spring and the quintessential social nucleus called Family; that includes those near, the extended family and the ones who have departed. This Gua is also associated with the rising sun, the cardinal direction East, the aforementioned life situations we find ourselves in and the Thunder trigram in the I Ching Oracle.

If you resonate with the issues and concerns I listed and/or you are attracted to this art, get swept in the Arousing Symphony of Spring and purchase the art. The purchase includes a personalized installation on site or via video conferencing, which will insure optimal placement plus a review of the energetic status in the Family sector of your space.


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